Peace Action Wellington Rally


Come to the No Warships, No Weapons Expo rally on Saturday 1st October. This is our chance to say we want a peaceful Aotearoa, not one with warships in our waters and arms dealers in our cities.

Join Peace Action Wellington for a rally to show our staunch opposition to the growing weapons industry in New Zealand as well as the Weapons Expo and warships which will soon descend upon Auckland.

Saturday October 1st, 12pm, at Frank Kitts Park Wellington.

This November the annual Weapons Expo, run by business lobby group the Defence Industry Association, is happening in Auckland at the same time as the Navy holds a birthday party starring a fleet of warships from around the world.

Come along to show your opposition to warfare and arms dealers, and your support for peace.

The Weapons Expo

The Weapons Expo is sponsored by the leading weapons, and nuclear weapons, manufacturer Lockheed Martin. It provides networking opportunities to the 500+ business attendees and is a deliberate attempt to foster a growing weapons industry in New Zealand. The NZDF, Ministry of Defence and NZ Trade and Enterprise provide funding, personnel, equipment, displays and expertise for the Weapons Expo. This Expo has seen staunch opposition in Wellington and there is growing opposition to this event this year in Auckland.

The Warships

The Navy's 75th birthday celebrations (officially titled 'Operation Neptune') attempt to glorify the role of on-water warfare. Invitations have been sent and accepted by navies all around the world including Australia and, for the first time in 32 years, the USA. This visit of a US warship is another example of our government's disturbing support for US wars. The US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 created the current crisis in the Middle East, and current bombings by the USA and Australia are similarly killing and displacing hundreds of thousands of civilians while perpetuating the current conflict.

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