Tar Sands: resist or die.

The Tar Sands are the most destructive project on earth and they are being resisted on all fronts.

Thursday, Jan 10 @ 6pm
19 Tory Street (Concerned Citizens)

People are blockading pipelines with tree-sits and lock-downs, fighting in the courts, confronting investors, building mass social movements, and pushing for boycotts and divestment. Indigenous nations are uniting their forces in opposition to these projects and building bridges with anti-authoritarian activists.

There is a popular groundswell rising up against these and other industrial projects, but the forces of state and capital push the tar sands to expand. Canada is becoming a petro-state, dismantling environmental protections and oversights at home while sabotaging climate deals abroad. Canadian industry is also pushing this dirty oil around the world, encouraging nations like Trinidad and Madagascar to exploit their unconventional oil as well. Expanding the tar sands is suicide for the climate.

Join us for a conversation with an environmental justice/indigenous solidarity activist from "Canada" for a conversation about this ongoing struggle.


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