The True Cost of Coal


The Beehive Collective is in Wellington with a giant portable mural showing the true cost of coal.

Members of The Beehive Collective are in Wellington with their huge mural banner & a workshop on The True Cost of Coal.

Come to St Johns in the city on 14th March from 6-8pm.
The venue is accessible and snacks will be provided.
Entry by donation.

The Beehive Collective are a group of artists, storytellers and activists who design graphics which raise social and ecological consciousness. Touring with huge portable murals of collaboratively produced illustrations and an engaging narrative.

The True Cost of Coal is a giant portable mural that will take you on an interactive visual tour of the connections between Coal Mining, Climate Change, Sustainability, the Ever Expanding Economy, and the Struggle for Justice in Appalachia and throughout the world.

The graphic connects mining's devastating impacts on human, animal and ecological communities to a first-world economy that demands cheap fossil fuels, poisoning the planet and accelerating climate chaos. We will walk participants through this epic drawing while making connections with and sharing informations on coal and other extreme energy struggles worldwide.

The True Cost of Coal:


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