Newtown Fair Living Wage Stage


The Wellington South Living Wage group has been working on this spectacular event as part of the Newtown Festival.

We have complied a great line-up of local creative-types to present and entertain for the Living Wage kaupapa in this brilliant event that usually has about 80,000 in attendence.

The Living Wage stage

Wellington musicians and poets bring a message about poverty and inequality to this year’s festival with a Living Wage stage. The stage has come together under Artists for the Living Wage, which is part of the growing Living Wage movement. The Living Wage movement is an alliance of faith and community organisations and unions committed to raising awareness of the impact of low wages on workers, their families and communities and calling for the Living Wage. The Living Wage is a wage that enables workers to lead decent lives and participate in society.

The Line-up:
1000-1030 Gamelan Padhang Moncar [music]
1040 Kassie Hartendorp [poetry]
1050-1120 Milkthistle [music]
1130 Faith Wilson [poetry]
1140-1210 Gig 77 [music]
1220 Maria McMillian [poetry]
1230-1300 The Kugels [music]
1310 Karlo Mila [poetry]
1320-1350 mr sterile Assembly [music]
1400 Anne Kennedy [poetry]
1410-1440 Aroha String Quartet [music]
1450 Pip Adams [poetry]
1500-1540 Orchestra of Spheres [music]

The MC’s:

1000-1200 Nick Bollinger
1200 -1400 Dave Armstrong
1400 - 1600 Madeline McNamara


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Great stuff!

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