Government refugee response piddling – Let us help!

Christchurch Progressive Network supporters will picket the electorate office of Government Minister Gerry Brownlee this weekend in protest at the government’s embarrassing response to the latest refugee crisis.

The people of New Zealand want to do a lot more than the government’s piddling increase in refugee numbers over three years. It’s too little, too late.

Already many thousands of New Zealanders have shown they are eager and willing to take in a refugee family while they get settled in New Zealand. Our government response should reflect this kiwi generosity of spirit rather than the harsh attitudes of National government ministers.

The message from our picket will be “Let us help”.

Over several decades New Zealand governments have been especially miserly and hard-hearted towards refugees. We rank 90th in the world in our per capita acceptance of refugees and what should make us all cringe is that Australia takes three times as many refugees per capita as New Zealand.

The picket will be held from 10am this Saturday 12 September outside Gerry Brownlee’s electorate office at 283 Greers Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch.


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