Brits in NZ! Protest UK response to the refugee crisis


Protest at the British High Commission against the UK government response to the refugee crisis. Brits and anyone else who's annoyed by this should come! Tuesday, 8 Sept, lunchtime 12-2.

David Cameron says Britain 'should not take more Middle East refugees' while desperate adults and children are drowning and dying in delivery trucks. These people are trying to reach somewhere safe where they can build a better life.

Many Brits in New Zealand are shocked and ashamed at the British government's response to this crisis and call on Cameron to immediately increase the refugee quota in response to this urgent situation.

Join us for a lunchtime protest outside the British High Commission in Wellington on Tuesday 8th September. Make a sign and bring something noisy to let the High Commission know we're there!

Please tell and invite others (British or not - all solidarity and protest is welcome!)


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