Left Over - War and Peace


Left Over are meeting again, this time with the theme 'war and peace - then and now'. We'll be meeting at 17 Tory St (formerly 19 Tory St) on 25 Feb. Come and join another discussion of strategy and issues for the activist left.

With the upcoming centenary of the Gallipoli massacre, the government’s whitewashing of both history and the present is in full force. Key recently attacked the left for failing to stand up for human rights by not supporting the deployment of NZ troops to the Middle East. How can we counter the glorification and normalization of past, present and future wars?

Speakers from a variety of left groups will give a short presentation on this theme, followed by general discussion.

  • When: 7pm, Wednesday, 25 February 2015
  • Where: 17 Tory Street, Wellington (formerly 19 Tory St)
  • What: War & Peace - Then & Now

This is the second 'Left Over' discussion, last year's November meeting was attended by about 30 people. From that meeting a decision was made to have fairly regularly gatherings to do a round-up of what's been happening in the activist left world of politics here and to also discuss one theme. So come along to the next 'Left Over' gathering and talk war and peace.


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