No More School: The Case Against Compulsory Schooling


Schools are poisoning our children. Join us for a provocative, eye-opening examination of the unsustainable nature of modern schooling. We will also look at healthy alternatives and a way forward.

The institution of compulsory schooling has a history that few are aware of. Schools were never designed to promote curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, cooperation, democracy or a healthy society. They certainly were never designed for the health and happiness of our children. So what were they designed for?

And how are schools poisoning our youth today?

This exploration will include social, historical, cultural, anthropological, ecological and indigenous perspectives on the real lessons of schools.

If we are at all concerned about growing inequality, increasing poverty, climate change, pollution and the corporate takeover of the planet, then we need to question assumptions we seldom are asked to question. Without questioning school, the present and future will remain bleak.

Alternatives do exist, and The Kaitiaki Collective is one such alternative.

Spread the word and join us!

Wednesday December 10 6:30-7:30 PM at the Onehunga Community Centre (next to the library)

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