Peoples Climate March


Hit the Nelson streets with us, as we work with in this Historic Global Event – People’s Climate March! Fun filled family afternoon – Face paint, music and dance!

We are feeding the event with a bit of symbolic drama… by turning up at the registration points, adults dressed in dark clothing and children in bold bright colours. This makes us a part of our children’s backdrop, making it far easier for them to be seen and potentially heard, as this is their climate longer than it will be ours – hopefully.

Buxton – Montgomery – Wakatu Car Parks from 12.30pm,
filtering over to Millers Acre Car Park by 1.30pm,…
leaving to begin our march to the Cathedral Steps by 2pm…

In the car parks the registration area’s will be recognisable by a couple of tall flags with a couple of people standing around looking for… people looking for them. Here we will have the option to be painted with a green heart, the worldwide People’s Climate March (PCM) logo

Once you have registered you will be directed towards Millers Acre Car Park, the starting point for this wonderful family event. are the global community spearheading this magnificent initiative, below is their explanation of this upcoming global mobilisation…

The Context: Climate Catastrophe Threatens Everything We Love

Climate change doesn’t just make the world a bit warmer or bring a few more storms. Scientists are screaming from the rooftops that our climate is the result of a very, very delicate balance. Global warming is upsetting that balance, and if we don’t act, it will likely hit ‘tipping points’ and ‘feedback loops’ where accelerated climate change moves beyond our control and devastates human life as we know it.

For example, one of these feedback loops is arctic ice. Right now, it acts like a giant mirror, reflecting the sun’s heat back into space. But as global warming melts the ice, there’s less ‘mirror’ which means more warming, which means less ice. The process hits a ‘tipping point’ when the feedback loop accelerates beyond control, eventually melting all the ice! This process has begun, and we may soon see the first summer in recorded history with no arctic sea ice. But there are other, even more dangerous feedback loops waiting in our climate system.

That’s why scientists have said that world leaders must keep global warming below 2 degrees celsius. If we cross that line, we’re flirting with disaster. But to keep from crossing it, we need to radically reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and the only way to do that is to shift to 100% clean, green energy to power our economies.

The Problem: World Leaders Think We Don’t Care

On September 23, nearly every President and Prime Minister of the world is coming to New York for a landmark climate summit called by the head of the UN. The problem is, when they meet with climate advocates and experts, they say they don’t feel pressure to act. Opinion polls show people care about climate change, but politicians ask ‘where are the protests?’. This mobilisation is our answer.

For decades, international efforts to fight climate change have run into roadblocks. This UN summit is different. It is designed to unlock progress by bringing together world leaders to focus on what it will take to secure a new global climate treaty in December 2015, when the existing global climate agreement comes to an end.

The responsibility is ours. No movement for massive social change has ever won without being present in massive numbers at key moments in history. And the People’s Climate March is our moment to take to the streets and reclaim the world that we know is possible — a world with good jobs, clean air, and healthy communities for everyone. A world with an economy that works for people and the planet. A world sale from the devastation of runaway climate change.

Our Answer: The Largest Climate March Ever

So here’s how we’re going to shake things up: taking to public spaces in tens of thousands of places around the world to demand climate action — a mass coordinated day of global action to show our leaders that we’re willing to act to save everything we love.


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