ZAD - Film Screening - Zone a Défendre


A repeat screening of two short films about ZAD followed by a discussion with the director, a visiting French anarchist.

Saturday 15th June from 6 pm till 8.00 pm

Thistle Hall, Wellington (use the entrance on Arthur St).

Starting in the 1960s, people set out to block the construction of an unwanted airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes in western France. This became the world-famous land occupation known as la ZAD—the Zone à Défendre (Zone to Defend). In this century the world’s largest multinational construction firm was commissioned to build the airport, and it was resisted. On the ZAD there are over 60 living spaces and hundreds of acres reclaimed from Vinci and now cultivated. The protesters – farmers, inhabitants and occupiers – drew up the foundations for a common future and the continuation of a free zone.

In the 2000s Les Scotcheuses collective made some films about ZAD.

Chloé Boiteux, part of the collective, is touring New Zealand screening Seme ton Western and No Ouestern – films made by Les Scotcheuses collective. The films are thirty minutes each, shot in Super 8, one has English subtitles and the other doesn’t include dialogue. They are not documentaries, but more a kind of poetic and handcrafted essays made in and by the people occupying the place. Chloé will be with us to provide more context for ZAD and Les Scotcheuses collective.

For those interested in learning more about ZAD you can read more here at Crimethinc

This occupation on the other side of the world speaks to the current efforts to Protect Ihumatoa in Aotearoa, and to the climate movement ongoing globally.


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