ZIY: Queer Zine Lounge


The ZIY Queer Zine Lounger is the first of a regular meet-up of ZIY, every second Friday of the month - 5.30 at Aro Valley Community Hall

Zinefest is running ZIY (zine it yourself) nights every second Friday of the month. These are fun, casual workshops run for and by the Wellington zine community. The June edition is a laid back and inspirational Queer Zine Lounge. This is an event for queers organised by queers and the vibe is intimate salon with conversation, zine swaps, creativity and readings. Zinefest will provide comfy spots, an inspiration art table, guest readers and hot chips. Please come along and bring your zines to swap and sell, cash for zines, your special pens, creativity, drinks (the venue is BYO) and your unique voice for our open mic portion of the evening.

This is the debut of a cool new idea we heard about too: Shoebox Market! if you have zines/ stickers/ prints/ patches/ related ephemera, you would like to swap and/or sell pop them into a shoebox and bring them along for our first ever shoebox market!

Everyone is welcome to this event but we ask that straights please remember to centre queer voices and of course, absolutely no homophobes or TERF’s allowed.

Poster art by Miranda Wolf


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