Stop the Mineral Conference


At the end of May head to Õtepoti and help stop the coal industry's Mineral Forum. The conference runs from 27 - 29 May but the main day to stop the Forum is the first full day: Tuesday 28 May.

The NZ Minerals Forum (ie Coal Conference) is in Dunedin 27-29 May to promote coal, and other polluting industries, expansion in Aotearoa NZ. More coal, more profit, more destruction of our future. We are in a climate emergency. Coal does not belong in our future. People around the world are saying “Enough” to coal and other polluting industries. And so are we.

The Stop the Minerals Forum coalition is working together to organise a strong and non-violent opposition to the 2019 NZ Minerals Forum. Come join us on 27-29th May at the Dunedin Centre to show the coal industry that business as usual is over!

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