Induction into the Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens


Become part of the Every Body is a Treasure Exhibition by being covered in golden clay and photographed.

If you want to know how body-positive you really are...this is a great test of it.

It could be just a bit of exhibitionist fun.
Or it could be a huge healing opportunity for you to heal body shame wounds of the past.

But it is mostly a smiling middle finger to the corporate interests that dictate that only a very narrow bandwidth of beauty is worth looking at.

You will face your own sizest biases.

You will uncover wounds you thought you had moved passed.
You will undergo an experience that will help to shift past hurts and replace them with loving compassion.

You will join a sisterhood of women who are standing for our daughters, nieces, and sisters and creating a piece of art that celebrates us all.

Tickets available at:


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