Every Body is a Treasure Exhibition

A body compassion photography exhibition and workshop series by master photographer and film director Mandi Lynn

For the past two years, I have been working on a personal project, collecting images of women covered in golden clay. I started it as a gift for my niece who at 5 was questioning her own beauty. I wanted to show her the depth and breadth of the beauty of the female form. I wanted to also challenge my own unconscious sizist bias, conditioned from years of being taught an artificial construct of beauty that benefited the corporates but not women. I had no idea how much this one project would change my life.

We have made the exhibition as interactive as possible and you are invited to be a contributor, either with your words which may become part of a mixed media piece being created during the exhibition or by having your photo added to the exhibition.

There are fun workshops as well:
April 13-20th Every Body is a Treasure Workshops

  • 13th = Mother - Daughter HeArt Workshop - Free
  • 16th = Exhibition Opening Night - Free
  • 16-20 = Artist in Residence - Mandi Lynn + You - Free
  • 17th = Create a Divine Feminine Necklace - $35
  • 18th =  Workshop - Body Positive Parenting of Digital Natives - $35
  • 19th=  Story time - Body Positive stories for the kids Ages 5-10 - Free

- 20th = Induction into the Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens - $35

Since beginning the exhibition we have:

  • Made a film about the project (Finding Venus - currently in post-production)
  • Started a charitable trust called Every Body is a Treasure that is dedicated to helping girls to stand in their own power
  • Won the Wellington Airport Awards Health and Wellbeing Category
  • Won New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year (based in a large part to the image on the invitation)
  • Started a Youth Program called the HeArtivists to help girls to develop creative resilience.

My initial goal with the exhibition was to collect the counterpoint to the number of photoshopped images we see each day. I am almost half way there with 250 images...but this is about the journey, not the destination.
Thistle hall has invited us to showcase what we have collected so far.

To book in for workshops please go here: https://iamfindingvenus.com


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