Film Screening- Prisoner Support


Film Screening: 'If a Tree Falls' in support of Marie Mason, an imprisoned activist in the United States - followed by a discussion on prisons and prisoners.
When: Friday, 25 October 2013 at 6.30pm
Where: People’s Cinema, 57 Manners St, Wellington

Our world is faced with some tremendous problems: climate change, war, racism, sexism, colonialism, pollution, deforestation, genetic engineering, corporate exploitation...the list could go on and on. There are millions of people who have taken action to stop these in-justices and bring about a better world. Many of them are sitting in prisons serving long and difficult sentences for standing up for their belief in justice, their desire to stop a wrong or for daring to fight back against systematic oppression and exploitation.

From the United States, to Russia to New Zealand and everywhere in between, political prisoners, those who have been imprisoned for holding, advocating or acting on dissenting political views, are with us and are part of our social struggles.

For those of us who care about these wider social issues, we have a responsibility to stand in solidarity with political prisoners. We have a responsibility to provide aid and support to them, and to struggle for their freedom. They are the imprisoned captives of injustice.

October 25th marks the start of the Move Marie campaign. In 2009, environmental activist and community organizer Marie Mason was sentenced to almost 22 years in prison for the arson of an office which housed genetically engineering (GE) research and for the destruction of logging equipment. Marie is now serving the longest sentence of any activist in the U.S. for environmental direct action.

Marie was transferred from the low security federal Waseca Prison to the notorious federal prison at Carswell. Over a thousand miles from friends and family, Marie is cut off from the general prison population, in a special isolation unit known for its frequent lockdowns and added restrictions on communication.

  • Marie should not be in this unit at FMC Carswell.
  • No one should be in this unit at FMC Carswell.

The campaign wants to move Marie out of FMC Carswell to a medium security prison closer to family and friends.

Check out for more info about Marie Mason.

Preview the film 'If a Tree Falls': a story of the Earth Liberation Front


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