Pedalling for Papua


Jeremy Bally is Pedalling for Papua.

An event with Jeremy Bally a young Canadian who is “Pedalling for Papua” through 7 Countries and 12,000 kilometres. Event is at 19 Tory Street in Wellington where Jeremy will be raising awareness about West Papua through ukelele-based hip hop & spoken word
In early 2013, Jeremy conducted a series of interviews with members of the West Papuan diaspora. Those interviews were recorded with permission, and have been transformed into a story of West Papua by West Papuans.

Jeremy has been inspired by his visit to West Papua to tell the story of the West Papuan struggle for freedom from genocide and Indonesian occupation He offers a one man multi-media show which highlights the voices of West Papuan people. He will be cycling the North and South islands promoting awareness of the hidden conflict in West Papua.

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