DEMO 4 DEMOcracy Taking back NZ's Democracy & Sovereignty - New Zealand Rally

Please join DEMO 4 DEMOcracy Sept 1st!
The perception that New Zealand has the least corruption, and the most transparency globally, no longer rings true. Today, people are voicing their concerns to government. Many issues have to be addressed.

On 1st of September at 2pm, across NZ (

We are Rallying and Connecting Kiwis, Nation Wide with the issues affecting the future of our communities, such as the corporate control and the erosion of our democratic rights and sovereignty.
We stand for the basic principles of democracy, sustainability, social justice, and environmental integrity.

Nearly every sector in NZ is under intense pressure from either Government inaction or its overt and covert collusion with corporate entities, especially its dismissive attitude to a society requiring authentic leadership and statesmanship as well as a level of genuine care and concern.

Our Government is shrewdly laying siege to the NZ environment and people, under the increasingly shrill mantra of 'we have to make more money' by exploiting and extracting anything and everything. The earth our great sustainer as you know is under relentless assault, even as we intuitively realize we are at multiple tipping points within the magnificence of the straining biosphere.

With the state sell off of public assets, insidious security and intelligence breaches, super secret trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, corporate encroachments and lobbying, secret military accords & harmonization of Laws with the USA, we the citizens of NZ are on the back foot.

Low wages for workers, corporate infiltration into city councils, pharmaceutical corporations advertising directly on TV. No labeling of food sources, ingredients & processes, plus additional chemicals in municipal drinking water, failure to keep city air clear, unsafe food (GE and GMO's) unsustainable farming, destructive mining, corporate take-over of education, health and prisons & public services and the TPPA to bind it all in, all have the common theme of locking down our collective future.

And more and more issues are being thrown at 'we the citizens.' Not to mention the Fukushima radiation continuously spewing into the Pacifist ocean, our deep blue Pacific that laps our shores, with every Government acquiescing and remaining extremely silent, including No Nuke groups.

If we do not come together, and intelligently organize and unite the country by calling the government to account, it will only accelerate and get far worse!

We do not need prophetic statements to tell us where this is could all go.

The 1st of September Nationwide rally aims to cover all of the many issues that people see as important concerns and that are both affecting their lives as well as our countries future, especially our kids.

( Downtown Queen St Auckland


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