Alternative World Water Forum 2018 - 17 to 22 March

Call to the People for the Alternative World Water Forum - FAMA 2018

The Alternative World Water Forum - FAMA 2018 - will take place on March 17 – 22th 2018 in Brasilia - Brazil, at the University of Brasilia’s campus.

It is an international and democratic event aiming to gather organisations and social movements from all over the world that struggle in defence of water as an elementary right to life.

This Forum intends to unify the struggle against the big corporations’ attempt to turn water into a commodity, privatising reservoirs and natural sources, trying to turn this right into an unreachable resource to many populations that, because of that, suffer of social exclusion, poverty and are involved in all kinds of war

Several international and Brazilian organisations have gathered in the promotion of the Forum as a continuity of the previous Alternative Forums such as the ones organised in Daegu (South Korea) and Marseille (France). Such event is opposed to the World Water Forum which is a forum organised by large economic groups defending the privatisation of natural sources of water and public services.

As mentioned during the previous alternative forums, the 8th World Water Forum is illegitimate. It is a business fair aiming to promote the market to transnational companies focusing on the water and sanitation sectors. Inside closed doors, such event allows big corporations privileged access to government decisions blocking, through bribery and corruption, the advancement of global public policies which are able to solve the water access crises.

The organizers of the Alternative Forum believe that public policies related to water should be democratically discussed involving the populations and mainly the involved communities.

During the FAMA 2018, central issues related to the public defence of water sources, the democratic access to water, the struggle against the privatisation of watersheds, dams and people affected by dams; sanitation and the necessary public policies to socially control the water use and the protection of the environment assuring the natural cycle of water in the whole planet are going to be debated.See our manifesto below

Call to the People for the Alternative World Water Forum - FAMA 2018

"Water is a right, not a commodity"


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