Snapper against the GCSB: Fishy protest at Key’s mansion Saturday


Anti-GCSB protesters will show their opposition to the GCSB Bill this Saturday at 2pm by staging a demonstration outside John Key’s Parnell mansion.

In response to John Key’s statement that New Zealanders care more about the Snapper quota than the GCSB Bill, protesters will be rallying at the Holy Trinity Church in Parnell before delivering a six foot Snapper shaped like the Prime Minister to the gates of Key’s home.

Protesters will be bringing scores of dead fish to leave on Key's driveway as a symbol of their opposition to the GCSB Bill.

Protest spokesperson Nico Ward said, ‘Opposition to the GCSB Bill, PRISM and all forms of mass surveillance is building around the country. The GCSB will legalise the use of PRISM and XKeystroke gathered information. It will legalise a system of routine invasions of privacy.’

‘The spying and fishing changes are eroding our freedom to be New Zealanders. The freedom to think and express ourselves without fear. And the freedom to feed our families from the oceans that surround our islands.’

‘Key’s government is drastically reshaping what New Zealanders can do in their homes and in their oceans. That is why on Saturday we are bringing the protest to Key’s mansion to show that no New Zealander is going to be untouched by these attacks on our rights. Including the Prime Minister if he goes ahead with these changes,’ concluded Mr. Ward.

Facebook event page for the protest:
Protest meets 2pm Saturday 17 August outside the Holy Trinity in Parnell.


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