#WeToo: Reclaim the Night against sexual assault and harassment


The annual Reclaim the Night - this Saturday, Nov 4th. Meet at Waitangi Park 7pm

Saturday 4th November - meet at 7pm at Waitangi Park


As a survivor, a woman, a feminist, and a budding psychologist it has been horrific seeing my newsfeed full of women acknowledging their experiences of sexual abuse and harassment.

It is time we come together to turn #metoo into action against violence towards women. Sexual violence disproportionately affects women and gender minorities, but together, we have the power to fight back.

We will be loud, unapologetic and we will collectively take to the streets and say “NO” to all forms of gender-based violence.

We will march from Waitangi Park to the Bucket Fountain on Cuba Street. Bring your signs, your girl gang, and an attitude that is ready to take down the patriarchy.


Thank you to Young Asian Feminists Aotearoa for inspiring this event. If you are in Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) YAFA are holding a similar action on the same night. For more information, visit: www.facebook.com/events/149783832296131/

Image curtsey of Fu Fighter Arts (https://www.facebook.com/fufighterarts/)

The kaupapa of this event:
• This event acknowledges that the disproportionate violence against Māori wahine is the direct result of colonisation, which bought patriarchy, and racism to Aotearoa.
• This event acknowledges that gender-based violence disproportionately effects trans-women, women from ethnic minorities, and women with disabilities.
• This event is proudly sex positive and supports all women’s choices about their sexuality and sexual expression, including the exchange of sex for money. YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE.
• This event supports cis-gendered men getting involved to stop violence against women, just remember that this particular event is about the collective experience, power and rage of people who identify as women. Your role is to show your solidarity with us, and to then go home to your social circles and challenge the men around you when they say things or behave in a manner that supports rape culture.


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