Blockade the Weapons Expo!


Stop the Arms Trade - the world's largest weapons manufacturers are having a conference in Wellington where they openly discuss how to make more money out of killing people. We need to close it down - join the blockade to stop the NZDIA Weapons Expo.

Tuesday 10th October, 7:30 am - Blockade the Weapons Expo!

Meet on the pedestrian overbridge to the Westpac Stadium, beside 90 Waterloo Quay.

Every year, arms dealers, the military and the government come together at the annual NZDIA Weapons Expo to make deadly deals about weapons and war. This year they're planning a greater focus on 'trade stalls', aka more guns and killing machines.

Peace Action Wellington are planning a diverse blockade and protest action for the first day of the Weapons Expo. PAW wants this to be an accessible, family friendly fun event so there will different activities to get involved in depending on your comfort level. Stop the Arms Trade NZ

Things to bring:
Remember, a good blockade is a prepared blockade! We aim to be there for the whole day so bring what you need to keep comfortable. We recommend bringing sunscreen, snacks, water, warm clothes, a cushion, more snacks, wet weather gear (unpredictable Wellington!) placards and banners, any medications you need, games and yet more snacks.

War starts in the Westpac Stadium and anywhere else that deals of death and destruction are made. Together, we can stop it. Let's shut down the Weapons Expo for good.

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Speaking strictly as a Russian Spy who personally helped get Donald Trump elected, I must tell Peace Action Wellington that making noisy protests is not the way to go. Why don't you make a TV channel, podcast and distribute brochures? If you can get angry people to protest then that's all find'n'dandy but you should try to expand your support base through flyers, books and literature.

No doubt many people attend real life meetings, but in the winter it is difficult to do. You should make propaganda videos and podcasts so that you can radicalise citizens without the need for them to physically attend a meeting. Share propaganda on flash drives and buy a web host plan from a New Zealand server. Good luck comrades! Please do not report me to NZSIS or GCSB, I am not a foreign agent, in fact, New Zealand and the Russian Federation have common goals, to maintain a multi-polar world, and to promote diplomacy instead of war!

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