F b i is responsible for Las Vegas massacre


Where was fbi and what was fbi doing just prior to the massacre! Well...

The las Vegas massacre last night is a reminder, as are the thousands of people murdered in cities across the country, that the fbi does nothing to stop the carnage.

The fbi is busy in their torture, imprison and kill program against innocent people, especially fbi whistleblowers.

The courts and Congress likewise cover up crimes by the fbi and most citizens know that mass murders in this nation are a low priority for fbi's psychopathic employees.

The corruption and incompetence of fbi are clear indications that the fbi and its police community should be put out of business. The cjs and all who presume to serve the people must be retrained far away from the fools at fbi NA (National Academy).


PS: Now, in the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre the media parades another travesty by inviting politicians, police, congressmen, mayors, governors, et al., to spew the same line as we hear in other tragedies: 'we sympathize with the families', ' the police and fbi will get all the facts', 'let' s not politicize this event', 'law enforcement will step up to the plate', etc.

The governor of Nevada now praises the incompetent law enforcement community, but some of our people see that this police state minimizes such disasters and uses them for absurd political and ideological show?

The massacre could have been prevented if fbi, secret service, police, atf, etc., had studied the windows from where the gunman fired. These victims are lost due to ignorance, total incompetence, lethargy and 'I don't care' attitude by fbi and company. The federal judges who authorize fbi's ongoing for 30 years torture and attempted murder campaign against me should also be called to resign their corrupt seats in the judiciary.


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Also, the massacre could have been prevented if fbi, secret service, police, atf, etc., had
1) studied the windows from where the gunman fired
2) connect dots of multiple purchases of firearms, etc.,
and used their 'really secretive' alchemy that fbi uses against their Targets:


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