A Chat with Paul Neazor


Just come to light is an endearing telephone chat with Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Paul Neazor.

In what seems to be an off-the-cuff telephone conversation, Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Paul Neazor explains to a caller why they will not be told if they have been surveilled or not.

Neazor appears to honestly discuss his role and explain the rational behind the 'neither confirm nor deny' response that people receive when applying for files from the different security agencies.

It's a ten minute long audio clip giving an arguably wonderful (and hilarious) insight into the workings of intelligence and security in New Zealand. During the conversation Neazor forgets who the Director of GCSB is, compares Dotcom with Julian Assange and Wikileaks, explains the 'mistake' behind the GCSB's targeting of Dotcom and admits that he's about to retire.

A wonderful must hear tape.


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So according to Neazor the Privacy Act does not apply to the GCSB. And if the GCSB breaks the law, we should just trust them that it is fair enough that they break the law.

This is revealing. Neazor just did an "inquiry" into the 88 cases of illegal GCSB spying and found there was nothing wrong. And here he can't even remember who the director of the GCSB is. He has never heard of what a police clearance is. And he alleges that Dotcom got his residency because of "his business connections". The guy is a goldmine...

G'day all. First Poster Craig here. The Government will do whatever it wants to and if we get in the way they'll just say we're endangering the Populace or something like that. The Guv's excuses will not stand when there are no more police to protect them though. The world shall soon find out the effects of Bankruptcy (I give it no more than 10 years) because every Country (with very few exceptions) has a federal debt that they cannot or will not pay back.

That will cause the worst crisis in human history and there will be no coming back from that. That, more than anything else, is why all the plagues written in the Bible will happen due to man following his own way rather than the Lord's way. No-one will be safe unless they have the Lord's Protection.

By pure coincidence, John Key has today dumped Paul Neazor and replaced him.

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