The f b I as a burro


This post was promptly removed from New Zealand Indymedia yesterday by someone who worships the 'burro', i.e., the fbi.

Regarding the thugs in fbi (The 'burro') one must never forget that:
The burro, including its monstrous doctors and laboratory creatures, will kick you in the head with hoofs unexpectedly and you will die, or be tortured by further kicks, or spend decades in prison.

The history of the burro's laboratory division reflects the most corrupt group of cowardly and dangerous fools ever to hold police authority as they

A. Intentionally use fabricated evidence submitted by corrupt fbi agents and operatives
to convict innocent people and to send them to prison or to death.

B. The burro's laboratory division teaches fbi agents at the National Academy (NA) to submit the physical evidence together with 1)The name of the suspect
2) The opinion of the burro agent that the evidence submitted is believed to prove the guilt of the suspect

C. A few burro laboratory agents who try to blow the whistle are paid a million dollars to keep quiet, or are forced into early retirement, or are Targets of burro vendettas like the one in which I am entangled.

D. The burro sets out to get someone and manipulates all evidence against the Target.

The burro is never concerned with the innocence of the accused because "he must have done something wrong in his life and the present criminal process against him simply gets him for all of his previous wrongs".

The burro is so thoroughly corrupt in its operations globally that people have no value aside from feeding the burro's hunger for humans to be kicked or locked up.

Indeed, today the burro has a secret and global torture and kill program unprecedented in human affairs. The burro sponsors and commits atrocities against human subjects globally and then pretends to investigate all except burro sponsored crimes:

The burro is quite clever in the way that it always seems to have so many crimes to investigate and the burro claims great success in its endeavors to fight crime.

Nevermind that the burro makes no effort to clean up police brutality and to stop killings of innocent persons by police and burro agents (kill techniques are the primary lessons taught st NA).

The burro in quantum leaps now has psychiatrists who teach agents and police how to build fictitious files on innocent, hard working citizens who are targeted. Burro officials posing as medical doctors set out to destroy lives of Targets at will within the guidelines formulated in the pseudoscience of criminal profiling.

These burro top donkeys also create a new form of alchemy by which to imprison, torture and slowly kill (by *DEW) selected Targets. This new program needs no physical evidence and is secretly dubbed the burro's "Future Crime Project ":

No one can challenge the burro's bad and deadly conduct because most of it is conducted in the barn with high level pigs who are all controlled at the adjacent burro headquarters by burro top dogs.



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