From accomplished citizen to a fbi experimental rat


This report was removed from New Zealand Indymedia because the fbi fears being exposed as terrorists.

The fbi is a sovereign State terrorist group which can rip anyone's life apart at will and with complete immunity & unquestioned authority.

While this report reflects my work prior to and after my tour as a fbi agent, the primary purpose here is to show how the hoodlums of fbi can make an experimental rat from an innocent, hard working citizen who served the USA with honor and who is never accused of any offense (civil or criminal) in 73 years of life. So, anyone can be similarly ripped apart.

The suggestion herein is that the fbi/cia can get away with crimes against humanity because these two agencies and all who serve them are sovereign State terrorists unanswerable to the people, lawless, and owing no loyalty to any nation.

** Fbi with abandonment of all semblance of respect for law and ethics takes over my life as though I am a prisoner in plain sight;** -

My background shows hard work and study with no exceptions: -
Fbi legendary chief, the notorious thug J. Edgar Hoover himself, hired me after his exhaustive background investigation of my life in1971. I was 25 years old, naive and ready to serve the constitutional government:

Little did I know then that the fbi behaves as a global MAFIA and that the fbi also resembles a satanic group in its ungodly assaults and its extreme psychopathology. The fbi, as I demonstrate in the following paper is the biggest lawbreaker in the USA:



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