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Zionism in practice –
Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Property

HEADLINES for 17 June 2013:

Israeli checkpoint troops beat up 5 Palestinian university students

Israeli settler mob sets fire to Palestinian almond trees

Israeli Army orders destruction of two Palestinian business premises

Home invasions: Israeli Army fires stun grenades in 3-hour night-time raid

Raiding Israeli soldiers abduct 15-year-old Palestinian boy

Night peace disruption and/or home invasions in refugee camp and 16 towns and villages

27 raids including home invasions – 6 beaten – 7 injured

3 acts of agricultural/economic sabotage – 13 taken prisoner – 9 detained – 120 restrictions of movement

US shares Israel's ethnicity psychosis
A Jerusalem Post [1] report on an address by Bill Clinton at the Peres Academic Centre in Rehovot on 17 June quotes the former US president saying: “Facing a surging Palestinian population in the West Bank, the only choice for Israel to remain a Jewish and democratic nation will be to work toward a two-state solution,” adding that Israel must "prepare for the worst." According to the Jerusalem Post, Clinton warned the assembly: “You have to cobble together some kind of theory of a two-state solution, and the longer you let this go just because of sheer demographics the tougher it’s going to get,” adding “I don’t see any alternative to a Palestinian state.”
Such language is chilling – Israel is “facing a surging Palestinian population in the West Bank” – the Palestinians' birth-rate in their own land is seen as a “threat” to be faced. The demeaning terminology is reminiscent of a past that is still within living memory. Clinton's reference to “sheer demographics” implies that Palestinian births are less than desirable because they are not Jewish. It is time the world faced the ugly truth of the prejudices and inhumanity that lie at the core of Zionist ideology.



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