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As nations sign up at present, at United Nations, to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, the Treaty is due to come into force later, when 50 signed members have ratified it. 122 countries out of the 193 UN member nations have approved.

The nuclear weapons nations and their associates oppose the treaty, giving various important strategic sounding reasons. But when this UN treaty comes into force, joining the previous treaties that make other forms of mass destruction illegal, the governments with nuclear weapons will no longer be able to claim the moral high ground. Their stand will sound hollow, against the growing global consensus that the possessing, threatening, using of nuclear weapons is inhumane and immoral.

Equally importantly, at the UN General Assembly, the urgency of the need to address climate change, is being discussed.


Why Australia Should Sign The UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty Now. An Australian to be proud of - Dr Tilman Ruff.- -Australia follows nuclear weapons powers in boycotting UN treaty outlawing nuclear weapons. -Best selling author Junko Morimoto called on Turnbull to sign nuclear weapons ban treaty. Most Labor MPs have pledged to get Australia to sign and ratify the UN nuclear weapon ban treaty.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says there is no economic case for nuclear power.
Nuclear lobby bringing top USA nuclear spruiker Michael Shellenberger to Australia.-
Australia VERY QUIETLY signs up to help develop new nuclear reactors
Nominations sought for Kimba Consultative Committee on National Radioactive Waste Dump.
Rural South Australia could end up with the curse of stranded nuclear wastes.


Liberal Coalition MPs giggle, cackle, smirk and laugh in Parliament over climate change
BHP supports climate change action - is at odds with Minerals Council.
In Southern Australia, winters are becoming drier.
A mathematician warns - Coalition’s pro-coal policy likely to be  a vote loser
-Abbot Point spill further proof Adani can't be trusted on coal, green groups say.   Anti Adani coal project- action is seriously hotting up in Queensland.   Anti-Adani protesters arrested outside Abbot Point coal terminal near Bowen. A kind of censorship: Melbourne's Federation Square restricts anti Adani protest.
Liberal National Party member would consider taxpayer funding moved from renewables to private coal-fired power station.

Renowned author Tim Winton on how Malcolm Turnbull betrayed our oceans.

ENERGY Australians won over by cheapness and reliability of solar batteries, poll shows. Australia’s top 10 solar postcodes, and the top solar locations by state . Coal country backs renewable energy - poll. For remewable energy news -

Northern Territory may be close to getting a lithium mine.

This is just my impression - I have done no real research. But - it seems to me that the most strident anti-gay voices in Australia are the same people as the strident climate denialers, and pro nukers.

Vatican ratifies treaty on the prohibition of nuclear arms.

Concern in China, South Korea, Japan, at Donald Trump's belligerent speech at United Nations.

USA and South Korea's show of bombing force against North Korea. North Korea Vows to Complete Nuclear Weapons Program

Nuclear plants in the path of hurricanes - disasters waiting to happen.

Climate change already affecting world health. -Melting Arctic ice cap

Successful 1987 ozone layer international treaty now involved in fighting climate change. An international Treaty that works! The Montreal Protocol and the healing of the ozone layer.


Donald Trump's first United Nations speech - about "totally destroying" North Korea.   If there's nuclear war with South Korea, Donald Trump will have headquarters in the sky- -Nikki Haley suggests handing the North Korea issue over to the Pentagon
America's Senate passes bill to massively increase nuclear weapons production -
Nuclear war fears - very good for the underground bunker marketers. -
Huge secret nuclear power deal - Kushner, Bannon, Flynn with Middle East-
Trump's nominee to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) represents polluting industries-
Westinghouse's future ownership shrouded in doubt.
 Leonardo DiCaprio: Trump Ignoring Climate Change Has Devastating Consequences.
 Risk to Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station From Tropical Storm Jose.-
As the Worst Storms Grow More Frequent, San Francisco and Oakland Sue Fossil Fuel Companies over Rising Sea Levels

JAPAN. 6.1 magnitude earthquake 320 kilometres east of Fukushima nuclear plant. Kyushu Electric plans to restart Genkai No. 4 reactor in March. Fukushima. Nuclear Fuel Retrieval Delayed.

NORTH KOREA. Report that North Korea may be secretly building nuclear submarine.

UK. UK's religious leaders unite, to urge Theresa May to sign the UN nuclear weapons ban treaty . Terrorism danger, as weapons grade nuclear material flown from UK to USA. All proposed nuclear sites in UK are vulnerable to flooding. Anti-nuclear civil disobedience is ramping up. A FOURTH unexploded bomb found near Britain's Hinkley Point C nuclear site! Most Britons happy to live near wind turbines, but not near Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.

FRANCE. French President Macron calls on Trump to honor Iran nuclear deal.

RUSSIA. Remembering an intelligent man who saved the world from WW3 -

BELARUS. Spectre of Chernobyl nuclear disaster rises again, regarding new nuclear power station in Belarus

CHINA. China considers rescuing problematic UK Moorside nuclear station project.

CANADA. Anti nuclear groups invite individual MPs in Canada to sign the nuclear ban treaty.

Christina Macpherson
Antinuclear Australia


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