A summary of my war with thugs of f b i.


I present here a comparison of my struggles against fbi assassins with Everyman's dilemma with governments globally.

I was born in 1945 and went to war in 1966. Later,in 1971 as SA, fbi , after I reported heinous crimes which I witnessed committed by fbi agents, I found that I was involved in another war: a battle for my life which intensified after I started my legal career in El Paso, Texas. My affidavits are presented here:

The current war is in some ways more dangerous and infinitely more difficult than my combat duties in the jungles of Vietnam. Now, however, I realize that the war imposed on me by the assassins, torturers and psychopaths employed with fbi is much more significant in world affairs than the terrible fighting in the other war zone.

I have tried to document my travails and suffering as Target of fbi covert operations for the past 30 years. Many witnesses could confirm the horror stories that I chronicle. Even some federal magistrate judges may have information on this big mess because I am an officer of many federal courts, including this one:

Also, SCOTUS, CONGRESS, the VA, et. al., are fully apprised of the fbi terrorist attacks which have been life threatening. Police departments here in the Texas Rio Grande Valley have so many reports from me as a victim of assaults & felony destruction of my property, burglary, etc. , that some police detectives begin to interfere a bit with fbi assaults.

So, my understanding today is clear:
I was paid to fight in the war over there. I am paid here at home to fight this war against the fbi for the benefit of all the world; I consider my present severe hardship as slight compared to the suffering and deaths globally imposed on people by the two premier terrorist groups of USA, the fbi/cia.

While I would have preferred to opt out of the present conflict with the deranged killers of fbi, I make universal my experiences by showing that ultimately Everyman must come to *grips with insane government which destroys human freedoms and programs human minds.



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