Fbi criminal perpetrators have authority of federal magistrate judge (fmj)


This report replaces the same report that was hacked by fbi.

Fbi's own hoodlums, aka criminal perpetrators, are authorized by federal judges:

The assassins working for fbi, cia,nsa, etc., are truly "...out there killing people".

They are also out there maliciously and fraudulently targeting people for incarceration as I have previously reported. Everywhere I go fbi thugs follow close behind me and begin a criminal assault on me, both on foot and on the streets.
The federal magistrate judge (fmj) who is a de facto fbi operative is standing by, as are mental health professionals and DA idiots, waiting to act on any response to the fbi provocation. My police reports filed in Brownsville, Harlingen and McAllen, Texas, support these comments.

Meanwhile, the fbi thugs, armed with abusive and illegally obtained civil process, continue assaults with DEW and extreme psychological operations such as are often associated with 'gaslighting' operations:


I frequently capture the images of fbi hoodlums and even sometimes publish their names. See "My Story In Detail" and other posts.

The fmj who is controlled by fbi is aware of criminal assaults on my person & property, but he the primary facilitator of most such fbi crimes. As an anonymous fbi perpetrator confessed, as documented in MARY JOY MACKAY' s book, " The Joy Thieves ", chapter 40, these perpetrators of crimes against Targets will never be prosecuted for their crimes because the courts send these people out to attack people.
For more see:


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Note that the original post of the above report is at:


The fbi hacked that post so that the letters "fbi" read "fib".
As I previously documented, the fbi hacked into my smart phone's hard drive and the hacking permanently reprograms my typing of "fbi" to read "fib".

The above report is posted from the public library.

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