The madness of contemplating an attack on North Korea

There have always been Great Powers bullying other States. In 1951 USA and Satellites invaded Korea claiming communism there threatened world and almost lost the war (1953) with many thousands of Marines killed. Does America now want to start again?

The madness of contemplating a nuclear attack on North Korea

Fernando García Izquierdo

When the United States President was asked days ago if he was going to bomb Pyongyang, he replied that he would consider it. Did he know what he was saying? Is he mad, or is he the devil incarnate, bouncing and dancing (with power of attorney from the hidden forces) as when he appears on his ‘reality’ television shows?

Or are we all so stupid, pure retrograde barbarians all of us, who do not give importance to his words, knowing what he is, and in fact think that matters of state do not concern us (we are here in this world just to watch football and swallow the capitalist stuff), shrug our shoulders, and say that THEY know what they do. It has always been like that.

In other words, we know that to talk of a nuclear conflagration is the subject of calculations and conideration only for a few selected individuals of the Power Elite in the Free World.
A terribly destructive war, then, is possible, quite probable perhaps. I was a young man of twenty, in Madrid, when an undeclared war was waged against the same victims by the same devil-incarnate, over the same theatre of operations. The commander-in-chief of our forces was General Douglas MacArthur, who was described by many, even in America, as a visionary madman. He wanted to wipe out all the communists in Asia. Worse still, he had behind him a great part of America, its army, navy, air force, congress, etc.
This is how they reasoned:
America possesses the atom bomb, which it had already used against two Japanese cities in order to win a war. This was a terrific destructive weapon of which America had world-monopoly. “Let’s use it,” was the catchword. Nobody will stop us.
But the General, the Military and the Politicians in the Congress, etc., all were wrong. The Soviets also possessed the Bomb, and the leader in the Soviet Union, Stalin, would not have hesitated a moment to reply in kind, preferring death to submission. Stalin was not a Gorvachov. As I have said, for him, better death than see the obliteration of the working class.
Some rational individuals in the United States of America, stayed the murdering “Stop!” And the earth was saved (for the time being.)

Had the US Military won the day there is no telling the HORROR… havoc, destruction and blood that would have accompanied the Gringo Fire Works which would have followed the use of that third Bomb… and four, five six, one hundred.
Besides the Chinese, armed by the Russians had prepared inter alia fifty or sixty or even more well-armed divisions ready to give the Americans a good hiding, as they did.
Ready on the border, on the other side of the river (I forgot the name.) I have read that thousands and thousands of tanks (the best in the world, made by the Russians) ready to enter, to teach the invaders a lesson.

As it is, in “the Korean War”, which lasted almost four years, only in the number of dead and wounded of “our boys”, poor US marines, was calamitous. The defenders of capitalism against communism! the figures reached hundreds of thousands, in a conflict which the General called “An Accordion War”, going to the mountainous border, then descending to the ocean waterfront, and back to the mountains. A couple of times the Marines were thrown into the water, army, lock, stock and barrel. History books tell that this was the first defeat the US Army ever suffered. There would be others, precisely.

Of course if today the Government of North Korea, for whatever reason, devastates Seoul, Japan, the territory of the United States, etc., that will be an unpardonable crime, but perhaps not inexcusable: and I measure my words, as the communists say. The first rule among humans in our time is that no one is entitled to bully his neighbour (we all are neighbours, we all colaborate and work together, we all belong to the same and sole race, we all are humans.

And now, allow me to become personal, that is to say, to recall the past, precisely because I lived those days of the first Korea War, the madness of the American military, and I began to comprehend the madness of anticommunism, the madness of fighting a system which is perhaps better than the system of maximising profits for a few miscreants!!!
I listened to the radio at home with my father and my elder brother every night, and at that time I had not read either Rousseau or Marx. I meant to say, among us Spaniards the Americans were our favourites. The god was the Hero of the Pacific, “el viejo militar”, as I heard one student in my faculty say.
For I had started studying International Law (matters of war and peace, inter alia.) It took me many decades to begin to understand. “Ah, but Franco saved Spain from communism!” In London! Inveterate hypocrites.
Anyhow, this I already learned in Franco’s Spain, the ultrafascist country which with the the help of the Malborough Aristocrat Sir Winston Churchill defeated democracy in our country.

In that dictatorial country I learned at university that “Dictatorial intervention of a State, Government or alliance thereof against another State (to bullyboy it) is unjustified and it is illegal.” Does our bully boy today, with his “America First Doctrine, his Television and his Primitivism, going to do today what General Douglas MacArthur, Senator Nixon and many other warmongers could not do yesterday?

But it is time for me, I guess, to close my article, in case I get too complicated in my argument, the point of which is that if North Korea is threatening the backyard of the Americans, these are threatening the very entrance and living space of the North Koreans.


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