Shame on USA, its fbi/cia


This post presents evidence that USA engages in State terrorist acts.

Eternal Shame on USA, its fbi & cia

Global Acts of USA's State Terror :

I and many others prove that the USA and their intelligence communities (i.e., fbi,cia,nsa) engage 24/7/365 in torture, mayhem & murder by stealth, invisible weaponry which is satellite based and is directed against a wide section of civilians.

The DEW attacks tear up flesh, organs and cause multiple diseases including cerebral disorders. Additionally, I have personally proven that fbi uses my body for macabre human experimentation by a variety of painful and disabling assaults by bio-chem-viral agents. Affected body parts include kidneys, eyes, ears, brain, internal organs, et al.
All of my documentaries are available online and the courts & congress are fully aware of the very inhumane attacks on me by fbi for 30 years.

The leaders of government participate in the savage carnage that I describe by acquiescence and by often joining in with the fbi to harass and threaten me for my reports (See My documentaries on USPI thugs KNIPFING and Texas DPS RODRIGUEZ).

All the while that fbi continues and expands their felonious assaults on my person around the clock , they also send assassins to provoke me and neighbors to harass me and my wife frequently, even on church grounds.

So, let the record show that this sorry government that presumes to lead the world under military threat of annihilation of non conforming persons and nations is the leading force of State sponsored terrorism on God's green earth.

For more evidence see my websites and see:


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