May I have your attention, please?


Allow me to state this as simply, clearly and succinctly as I can:
That no person in this country should be accused, indicted, arrested, imprisoned, nor killed by any fbi or police agency (tripartite) until the fbi itself confesses and answers for the atrocities committed by their special agents, affiliates, operatives, assets, informants and street assassins. Further all prisoners must be released until the murderers and tyrants in fbi and police are prosecuted for their high crimes against the people.

The nation and the people here are in the grips of unlawful and inhumane rule by macabre, complex, pervasive and murderous despots in the fbi, doj and the judiciary.

This means that most lawyers, judges, doctors in all fields and many persons in the general population are so completely mesmerized by fbi and media dogma/madness that the violations of rights (such as the right to life and liberty) are ignored by all who support or fear the tyrants in power.

In support of these remarks I urge the reader to consider my papers at

...especially these two:

My sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014 also shine a light on the evil by which fbi seizes power:

and see:

In the event that the reader has no time, nor interest in this report on the disintegration of our country by fbi, then know that all the suffering and death caused by the emerging behemoth- police state USA are on your conscience.

And finally,

The fbi rot the soul of our nation, work secretly and unknown in the night with congress and SCOTUS to undermine the pillars of democracy, and they infect the body politic so that it can no longer resist. Cicero.

Thank you.


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