Evidence of Corruption of fbi and USPI


This report focuses on the efforts of the USPI and the fbi to silence me and to violate the FOIA.

September 7, 2017

For over four years I have submitted requests under the federal FOIA for the USPI KNIPFING investigative report on me. All requests were unlawfully blocked or denied. Recently, Congressman VICENTE GONZALEZ made the same request on my behalf and on August 31, 2017, he provided me with the admissions of USPI’s failure to follow the legal procedures in connection with my requests.

For background data on the fraudulent USPI investigation see:


On August 31, 2017, the legal counsel for the USPI, who was fully aware of my multiple requests for FOIA data, provided the Congressman with the following admissions:
“…given the fact we did not timely provide him with a denial of his May 2016 correspondence and the law enforcement activity in question has concluded, we will process his latest request as expeditiously as possible”

Note that the letter from USPI legal counsel was not signed and no name of the USPI representative appeared anywhere on the letter to Congressman Gonzalez. At the top of the first page of the 2 page letter the following heading appeared:

The USPI Knipfing and his friend, Texas DPS Rodriguez came into my home on their illegal state wide expedition against me to threaten me and my wife on behalf of the fbi. The USPI previously refused to investigate extensive theft of my mail by fbi and the visit to my residence was a clear effort to insult me by pretending that I am under investigation by the USPI. Knipfing (accusingly) brought my attention to my report against US Army Intelligence Officer James Wolf who assisted the fbi by filing a false criminal complaint with the police at University of Texas, Harlingen, Texas.


Note that as a result of the Wolf false complaint to UT police, that department on orders from now infamous duo cops Michael Bleier and Richard Wilson issued an illegal *BOLO on me and harassed, assaulted and threatened me every time I visited the computer room on campus. The dean also joined in the harassment effort as did the Chancellor and legal counsel and the entire library staff and fbi thug operative Alonzo Yanez (see parts 19, a, b, c of My Story In Detail).



The USPI and Texas DPS Rodriguez admitted to me during their phony investigation that they were aware of my websites and of my reports of the many felonies committed against me by the fbi.
My sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014 provide additional data on the fbi’s crimes against me and of the USPI’s cover up of those crimes.


In a ridiculous show of hypocrisy the legal counsel of USPI in the last paragraph of his letter referenced above states, “Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.” He or she was aware for several years of the “issue” that he now addresses only after congressional inquiry. Such a farcical statement by counsel reveals the true character of counsel , Knipfing and others in the USPS who for decades (and continuing today) criminally ignored theft of my mail and who directed Knipfing to threaten me and my wife in efforts to silence me.

Today, I await the full investigative report of USPI thug Knipfing and I intend to publish all of it because the report in the context of my thousands of articles, papers, etc., online proves that the USPI engaged in a conspiracy with the fbi to silence and intimidate me; that the USPI repeatedly and for decades violates their sworn duty to investigate mail theft because their friends in the fbi committed the thefts.

Finally, as the fbi does not record their unending crime spree against me and my property via assaults by fbi agents, operatives and their high tech gadgetry (i.e.DEW causing life threatening injuries), the Knipfing report will not reference such crimes. The USPI Knipfing simply seeks to document my reactions to terrorist attacks on me by the fbi which were intended to drive me to the brink. This type of fbi/USPI joint effort is evidence of the complete corruption of the USPI, fbi and others.

Thank you kindly.


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