Widespread Use Of Tracking Devices By USA Intel Community

See my reports on how and why the fbi/cia, et. al. use tracking devices implanted in innocent persons for political purposes.

The primary purposes for the use of tracking devices by the fbi/cia are as follows:

To intimidate, provoke, torture, incapacitate, force suicide, or murder the Targets.

The main candidates for the tracking device implant include: political dissidents, activists, whistleblowers, convicts, radical religious extremists, persons of interest, carriers of infectious diseases, informants, operatives, recidivists, and *others. Anyone who is deemed a threat to national security (as determined by the fbi/cia,etc.) is also subject to be implanted with the chip. Such procedure was not used to protect the USA from the 911 and Boston attacks because the fbi/cia/police are more interested in controlling domestic malcontents than in thwarting terrorist attacks on the homeland. See the following links for more information:













A favorite fbi method for targeting innocent people for the tracking device implant is as follows: send an fbi operative or agent to engage the target in discourse (or to verbally assaults the target); then, the provocateur abruptly terminates the discussion and files a false affidavit with a secret tribunal alleging aggressive sexual advances against the target. The judge, already predisposed to give the fbi whatever it wants, then issues an order to track the innocent subject.

I have been so targeted and the reality facing the target is bleak; yet the prospect for future targets is even worse because the high tech torture gadgetry is improving, even as freedom of speech is diminishing, and the will to report government crimes is almost gone in most government employees. The fbi/cia thus have an ungodly control over all who come into their sights globally.

The above report is prompted in part by my receipt of the following message (shown in the site meter entry below) where the fbi seeks to cause the public to view the targeted person as some kind of criminal or suspect.


By Location > Visit Detail City Harlingen

May 23 2013 7:13:01 pm

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Visit Exit Page http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/tracking.html

One of the misguided members of the above forum for future dentists says, "Those guys get off way to easy. If this were a monarchy and I were king I would have a panel set aside to think of ways to punish those guys. There would be 3 requirements. 1st is the humiliation factor. The panel would have to think of the most embarrassing things on earth and subject the bastard to it. 2nd would be pain. The person would have to be subjected to the most horrific pain imaginable for 1 month. After the end of the month of pain and humiliation the person would be executed. "


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