Crushing Human Potential: UN's Gross Human Rights Malpractice

My book (Ebook link provided) describes the crushing of human potential stemming from Gross Human Rights Malpractice at the UN as well as in two case studies, New Zealand and Bangladesh. I provide two recent posts on social media based on the book.

Crushing Human Potential - UN's Gross Human Rights Malpractice.

Anthony Ravlich MA, BSc, Dip Crim (Hons)
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I am a human rights author, activist, outsider (26 years) and Chairperson of the Human Rights Council (New Zealand).

The following posts on social media are based on my research findings in my book 'Ethical Human Rights: Freedom's Great Hope' (American Academic Press, 2017) which exposes the gross human rights malpractice and the crushing of human potential in New Zealand (I hold Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Helen Clark to account), Bangladesh and the United Nations (including America's involvement).

An ebook is now available:
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My previous book is called 'Freedom from our social prisons: the rise of economic, social and cultural rights' (Lexington Books, 2008). My present book continues from the previous book.

Recent posts on social media:

Eradicating Genius from the Face of the Earth (and, in my personal view, also God's involvement): my recent Tweet states: What it is really all about is ridding the country of its THINKERS hidden in the ranks of the deplorables - the left so-called liberals are following a UN agenda.

At the UN international human rights law is meant to reflect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so countries can adopt it into their domestic law. One of the omissions is Article 22 (UDHR) states: 'Everyone as a members of entitled to realization...of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and free development of his personality' (the latter is also called individual self-determination).

As a consequence States invariably omit individual self-determination from their constitutions (see Google Constitute). Individual self-determination can be more simply described as the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams sometimes depicted by the iconic American superhero. Domestically the UN's agenda is driven by the left so-called liberals. Countries may promote individual self-determination as policy but all else such as the focus on the Corporations and low consumer demand because of low wages ensures success is extremely limited. The American Small Business League describes how mega billions in contacts have been taken from small business and given to big business.

Affirmative action for groups such as Maori and Women was a way of excluding the 'best and the brightest' and my book shows an enormous number of New Zealand's most intelligent left the country while many of those who remained ended up in the mental health and criminal justice systems or among the underclass.

I consider myself a genius but I attribute this to God's involvement in my seeking of truth - otherwise I think I am quite ordinary (in my view, God's Universal Truth is the greatest genius of all). I have been in the ranks of the deplorables for over 26 years. The problem with geniuses is that they are able to see through the low cunning and gross deceit of the left so-called liberals as well the leaderships of totalitarian and repressive States who, I consider, exercise the greatest control in the UN General Assembly (for more see Anthony Ravlich Google+).

What I consider is the MADNESS of Global Leadership at the United Nations is the 'Eradication of Genius from the Face of the Earth' described in a recent post. We are a LONELY PLANET so extremely unlikely to get help when needed from elsewhere in the universe - we can really only get help from within.

I am circulating the following to academics:

If South Korea and Japan also have nuclear weapons it would give North Korea and China more to worry about than America. Also if the West boycotted the UN until it removed its hidden collectivist agenda it would, in my view, rebalance global ideological and economic power back in the favor of the West and global freedom (see below).

I wish to inform you of my book - 'Ethical Human Rights-Freedom's Great Hope' (American Academic Press, 2017). I am a human rights author, activist and outsider (deplorable) (26 years) from Auckland, New Zealand. I am a seeker of human rights truth. I am also a Roosevelt fan. I consider students would benefit from my book which suits a Donald Trump/Bernie Sanders world where the 'deplorables' play a greater role in the public domain.

Both my books describe ethical human rights. My first book was 'Freedom from our social prisons: the rise of economic, social and cultural rights' (Lexington Books, 2008). My recent book, 'Ethical Human Rights: Freedom's Great Hope', can be found on American Academic Press,

Ethical human rights received some remarkable high profile support on the internet, for example, the US State Dept., the Open Democracy Initiative of the White House even the United Nations and many others but the global mainstream media has refused to report it.

I am very surprised at the seeming refusal of the global establishment to discuss ethical human rights which is firmly based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Ethical human rights involve domestic and global duties with the prime duty of the State to ensure their own population has their ethical human rights i.e. involves greater national sovereignty but does not lead to isolation.

Given the trend towards populism in the West and the nuclear threat (and possible proliferation e.g. S. Korea and Japan), indicates the necessity for greater national sovereignty and universal truth to replace neoliberalism (a corrupted universal truth leading to division) and globalization.

My book would also provide students with the prevailing global human rights big picture as vital human rights truths have been kept hidden from people yet need to be known if a democracy is to have informed voters. The book also describes in detail the human rights malpractice of the so-called liberal left whose control is, in my view, overwhelming.

Compared to Western academics I was rare because I have exercised a duty to inform people of important human rights truths since I adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as my belief system in 1991. Personally, I see the UDHR as reflective of God's Universal Truth.

I am barely known in New Zealand because I have been kept extremely professionally isolated and often in terrible poverty however in my early years I received much support from Noam Chomsky (about 25 emails) and in New Zealand I have had significant support from Bryan Gould, regarded as one of New Zealand's top intellectuals, and Kevin McCormack, Secretary New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties ( given much of my work was done in extreme isolation I do not believe I could have done it without God who, in my view, the so-called liberal left cannot control).

Kevin McCormack states in response to this email: "I do hope that you receive a positive response to your e-mail, and that there are in fact numerous responses. It is a challenging and difficult road to journey when you are proclaiming a prophetic message, as it often seems to fall on barren ground. I am pleased to endorse your message.....".

The book has chapters on human rights at the United Nations (including America's involvement), New Zealand and Bangladesh as well as a chapter on a new plan for the world, ethical human rights, development and globalization. The latter is firmly based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights unlike prevailing ideology which contains human rights omissions leading to a divided society.

Although hidden behind a 'global iron curtain' I describe how on 10 Dec 2008 at the UN a new globally dominant ideology, which I call neoliberal absolutism, was created. The effects of neoliberal absolutism, which was strongly opposed by America, was devastating including a major global rebalance of ideological and economic power from the West to the Rest which I believe was the real cause of the global financial crisis in 2008. To my knowledge I am the only one informing people of the latter [however it is in my book and is verifiable].

I also describe the existence of a UN 'hidden' collectivist agenda which created ideologies i.e. neoliberalism and neoliberal absolutism. Domestically the UN's agenda is driven by the left so-called liberals. The collectivists agenda strongly favors totalitarian States, with repressive States rising to virtually control the UN's human rights agenda, as well as strongly favoring collectives within the country.

The collectivist agenda aims to culturally cleanse the world of individual self-determination i.e. the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams often depicted by the iconic American superhero.The West has been determined for decline. I recommend that the West boycott the UN until the collectivist agenda is removed. I consider the collectivist agenda involves major violations of the UDHR and the UN Charter. The major discrimination targets Intelligent, white, males from a Western culture.

I describe in the chapter on Bangladesh how, under neoliberal absolutism, extending the domain of secularism to cover the whole Universal Declaration ultimately led to major outburst of violence by Islamic extremists who were anti-secular. More research is required to see if neoliberal absolutism led to greater Islamic violence globally.I also provide what I see as a solution whereby religious political parties including Islamic political parties could play a greater role in the public domain if they adopted ethical human rights as their ethical base.

If you are interested in reading the draft introduction it is near the beginning of Anthony Ravlich Google+.


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