Nightmarish fbi


This post may tend to remind readers of the parallels between fbi assassins and the modern day "Living Dead" phenomenon.


I have documented like no one else in the history of the federal bureau of investigation (fbi, aka 'burro') their atrocities against the people of the USA, including this combat veteran and this former Special Agent with that very same pack of wild animals.
See, for example, my articles and reports on poisonings resulting in kidney stone, infection near tooth 14 (in proximity to brain), viral and DEW assaults.

Now, listen carefully: the fbi has an elaborate network of assassins in Mexico who cooperate with fbi en queue & come into the USA with no questions asked by fbi friends in ICE.

Some of these Mexican thugs are close to medical and scientific authorities in Mexico, and are in position to send infected individuals into USA as requested by fbi.

The fbi then directs the infected Mexicans toward a particular Target in order to infect that Target. The federal magistrate judges (fmj) who sign civil orders against fbi Targets also advise fbi agents as to the civil laws relating to disease control. The fmj instructs the fbi intelligence officers of the kinds of diseases which may be used by the court to authorize a blanket, global, assaultive, cruel surveillance and treatment program on the Target. Also, the end game for the fbi Target is also in sight whereupon the Target may then be set up for incarceration in a prison, or a mental institution. The diseases which fbi operatives spread in USA under the direction of fbi and in cooperation with Mexican authorities include:

I am certain that these filthy activities by fbi are routinely used to neutralize specific fbi Targets, and I urge the Congress and the courts to stop the fbi atrocities by any means possible.


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