NZ naval forces in Asia threatening NZ international anti-nuclear reputation.

Letter to editor of the Listener about the presence of New Zealand naval forces sailing along side USA forces in the area surrounding North Korea and the consequent possible effects on the anti-nuclear reputation internationally.

The Editor
The Listener
Private Bag 92512, Wellesley St.
Auckland 1141
27 August, 2017

Dear Editor,

One quiet aspect of the North Korea/US standoff is that the New Zealand armed forces are working with the US forces which have been lurking en mass in the area for years.

All of the inflammatory rhetoric from both sides is extremely dangerous, not least because President Trump has often suggested to his military leaders that the US should consider using their nukes (as in actually exploding them, part of “fire and fury”?) as a tactical weapon.
If nuclear weapons are used by either side with NZ forces in the mix then our international nuclear-free reputation will be in tatters. We will be left only with our illusion that the current nuclear-free legislation was ever going to be enough to be truly ‘anti-nuclear’ in a world full of nuclear weapons.

Richard Keller
13 Endeavour St, Lyall Bay


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