The expanding inhumanity of world governments, II


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The expanding inhumanity of world governments

Today the United States of America and many other countries exile their own citizens in plain site, illegally, inhumanely, and apparently in efforts to expeditiously rid society of political and ideological Targets.

Yet, exile is not sufficient action to dispose of unwanted human beings. The fbi/cia and a long list of other agencies (& with full, tacit support of the legal community) also torture, discreetly assassinate and experiment on people, as though they are dogs, right under our noses.

In other words these criminal regimes that run the world, that engage in wars and provoke regional conflicts everywhere, that imprison and murder people by the millions, are the same groups of psychopaths who also engage in a cleansing of the growing world population for myriad unacceptable reasons.

We witness today a slight awakening of some people to this outrageous phenomenon that is as horrific and incredible in its conception as it is macabre and barbarous in its real life execution. Nothing though is being done to stop it.

Eventually, with the increase of the numbers of these unwanted, discarded and trashed people, the outcry against this insane program of quasi quarantine will demand great attention of the immoral regimes which perpetrate these crimes against humanity. Until then, hundreds or thousands of our fellow human beings are being unnecessarily forced into a life of isolation & alienation; the government clearly seeks to force many in the targeted community into
.... s u i c i d e....

The wretched program (a kind of discreet genocide) does not reflect a humane civilization, but the dirty program is consistent with the evolution of our species as the supreme killers on God's green earth.

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