A Window Into fbi/cia Inhumanity and Criminal Mindset


This report invites the reader to do his/her duty to mankind by studying the criminal insanity of and atrocities committed by the agents, operatives, assets, etc., associated with the fbi/cia.

Through all of my thousands of posts, articles,WRIT, reports, etc., online at numerous websites, all spanning (including the fbi HISTORY BOOK) a half century, the reader can understand the problem facing the people of the world by the psychopathic assassins working for fbi/cia. The truly evil program of torture and murder that I describe in detail offers a window into the macabre and quasi-demonic minds of fbi/cia and their operatives and assets/employees/associates/informants/selective citizens everywhere.

I trust that the reader of this message may take the time to verify my reports by reading first my sworn affidavits 2007 & 2014; then, consider my other online reports on how this government has broken my heart by covering up fbi atrocities against me and how the fbi/cia threaten the world inhumanely, barbarously and against the dignity of man.

Unless we replace the cowards and fools in high offices, such as those in Congress, SCOTUS, etc.,the United States of America is causing ill will everywhere in the world; my travails are horrific, but small in comparison to the terror spread globally by the fbi/cia against others unnecessarily. Thank you kindly. Geral Sosbee


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