U.S. Judiciary Is Corrupt Beyond Repair


See evidence that the U.S. COURTS are corrupted by fbi beyond repair.

U.S. Judiciary Is Corrupt Beyond Repair

An aggrieved party often petitions a court because of severe abuse by government agencies or corporations, or private individuals. The process of a law lawsuit is sufficiently complicated, costly and stressful that many injured parties give up and endure the turmoil and often a slow & painful death imposed by their tormentors.

Now when I asked the federal court in Los Angeles for a fair hearing in efforts to stop fbi's illegal efforts to imprison, torture and kill me (following fbi hijacking of my life through terrorist assaults), I yet trusted a little in our tripartite system of government with checks and balances to protect against abuses. I was delusional and naive then.


The LA court prior to my hearing had already been briefed in illegal ex parte meetings by the very fbi thugs and assassins who were named as defendants in my pleadings. Indeed, the record reflects that the judge was prepared by fbi agents in advance to
1) deny my prayer for relief from torture
2) prejudice my rights for a new law suit against fbi
3) deny me the right to examine evidence and witnesses whom I subpoenaed
4) insult me in open court by asking irrelevant questions designed by the judge to discredit my case and
5) allow the AUSA to slander, harass and threaten me during and after the hearing.

That LA courtroom represents all that is corrupt and rotten in the judiciary of USA.

Regarding the secret, abusive and unlawful orders issued by federal magistrate judges (fmj) acting as de facto operatives for fbi assassins, I have established that many of these fmj are criminals sitting in their marbled chambers & protected by US Marshals, fbi, and their own firearms. In fact all fmj assume power only after being 'blessed' by fbi/MAFIA.

No greater abomination of the law is imposed on the people than the covert, sealed and patently unconstitutional orders issued by fmj on request of fbi hoodlums.


For specific data on how the fbi exploits fmj in secret consultation against political dissidents see all of my papers at:


See especially the effects on our society by traitorous fbi agents and their cowardly & criminal fmj nationwide:

"Evidence of a new, unheralded, illegal, quasi 'Criminal Justice System' (CJS) forged by fbi".
"Fbi Agents Rampantly Engage In Criminal Activity".


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