'Pasion de Vida'


This post summarizes my destiny in opposition to all homicidal psychopaths, especially those in fbi.

Pasion de Vida', A Purpose Driven Life

From one of few living victims of fbi atrocities that shock the conscience, here are a few of such high crimes committed against GERAL SOSBEE by fbi/MAFIA:

Attempted Murder by

1)suffocation upon awakening from surgery for injury sustained in army 2) artificially synthesized kidney stone via chemical combination 3) bacterial infection placed near tooth in proximity to brain, also resulting in cerebral vascular disease 4) toxic fumes repeatedly pumped into residence 5) Assaults via DEW.

Terror Campaign:

1) Cause sleep deprivation
via ELF and control medical doctor to label such report as paranoid delusional disorder 2) Hijack professional and personal life by hundreds of fbi psychopaths assigned to terrorize GERAL SOSBEE 24/7/365 for life (apparently) 3) obtain through fraud an abusive civil process from an fbi operative-corrupt federal magistrate judge- who authorizes the fbi to terrorize and murder GERAL SOSBEE 4) Send USPI Knipfing & Texas DPS Rodriguez to criminally threaten GERAL SOSBEE and his wife in their home, and in Geral' s face 5) Slander GERAL SOSBEE so extensively that UT cops Bleier & Wilson et al threaten, harass and issue a fraudulent BOLO on GERAL SOSBEE & 6) fbi regularly vandalizes GERAL SOSBEE's home & poison his Doberman.

Thus the work of GERAL SOSBEE to destroy in an intellectual sense the fbi continues as his 'Pasion de Vida' for the benefit of all people everywhere.

Thank you kindly and may Providence provide aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the murderous oppression of fbi and their assassins in the law enforcement & private sectors of society.


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