When is a crime a crime..

Why teachers go to Jail while a lawyer and a businessman evade the law.
-- Apparently it comes down to your ability to buy justice or who you know .

I remember doing criminology in my younger days and the age old question was what makes a person become a criminal.

I have finally worked it out - you become a criminal or not depending on your status in society, Who you know and what strings you can pull will make the difference to being charged or not. If you are not charged then you wont become a criminal . If you destroy evidence then you will also get away with your crimes as will the simple trick of getting in first and taking the whistle blower to court on fake claims.

There are many would be criminals out there who are fortunate enough to have the right connections or know the right methodology to keep themselves out of the spot light, they live on to rip others off while the unsuspecting appease the statistics to show that they system is working.

Again the matter of the unfortunate school teacher Tracy Gwendoline Hibberd has made headlines . She is obviously not well connected as she has ended up in jail for having been placed in possession of a forged document which is not even a degree nut a paper from a private teaching establishment .

On the other hand ,Neil Wells , the former head of the RNZSPCA is not even in the firing line for having written legislation for his own business plan then advising on this very legislation as independent adviser to the select committee without declaring his conflict of interest .

Wells went on to make an application under the very legislation which he had written for approved status ( section 121 Animal welfare act ) using a pseudonym and making false claims to MAF and the minister that and organisation was making the application existed when in reality it was just himself and no such organisation existed.


Wells ran this law enforcement authority from Waitakere city council premises Where he was dog control Manager and which he had re branded to appear as though the " organisation" ran and operated these premises .

Staff under his control were required to volunteer their council paid time and use the council infrastructure and vehicles to bring in a personal income for Mr Wells .

When a dog control officer found an animal suffering they would report it to their boss Neil Wells , He would hand the complaint on to the head of the fictional AWINZ.. Neil Wells .. He would pass it on to the AWINZ Barrister..Neil Wells and by virtue of the legislation which Neil Wells had heavily contributed to , the proceeds of prosecution would be returned to the fictional AWINZ by virtue of section 171 for which Neil Wells was the only account signatory . – effectively he single handedly ran a private RNZSPCA which was all income and no outgoings. A parasite off council and apparently all legitimate as is apparently telling gross fibs to Maf and telling lies to the judge.

The united nations convention agaisnt corruption calls this action using public office for private pecuniary gain. It is frowned upon and is even illegal in 99% of the world .

Another person who is not a criminal is Terry Hay,

Terry Hay is a partner of David Nathan of Auckland chamber of commerce fame.

Terry Hay was charged with a number of charges of fraud by the ministry of economic developments national enforcement unit .

He had created a fictional liquidator and director to avoid paying lawyers bill . His associate Lyn Pryor was convicted and received a slap across the and with a wet dish rag the news items are "Charges over alleged fake liquidator"and "Boss invents accountant to escape $60k debt"

Hay absconded and lived in Honolulu he then attempted to bribe his way back into the country the NEU refused and told him to front the judge , the NEU was wound up and the charges were dropped and Hay is back in the country .

I have made an official information act request which is being conveniently ignored

so in summary

It is not a criminal act to make an application for law enforcement powers using a non existent organization . therefore telling lies to the minister and to MAF is OK and to tell lies to the court to cover this up is OK ( I have prepared a perjury file but no one is willing to prosecute .. I am a former police prosecutor I know that the claims were supported )

It is apparently not a criminal act to create a fictional liquidator or director or to use a false address for a shareholder , therefore telling lies to the ministry of economic developments is OK .. having plenty of money and good connections apparently allows you to get away with the crime without having to face court.

BUT it is apparently a crime for an early child hood teacher to have a false degree which was issued from a private teaching establishment.

Why is there such disparity in prosecutions? isn’t a crime a crime? shouldn’t all three be free or all three be in jail ?


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