News Affecting All, Hidden From Most


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News Affecting All, hidden from most:
From my previous report on fbi falsely labeling this veteran as a "murderer" as a result of combat duty at risk of life and in defense of USA...
...the fbi statements of fbi agent, aka Monique abu Jamal and Paint me Doubtful are removed from internet; also, Portland Indymedia who regularly published my posts on fbi crimes is also shut down.
Note that the fbi discovered the error of their  publicly and fraudulently labeling a combat vet as a murderer for his service  and every soldier, sailer, airman and marine should be told of fbi subversion of military morale and esprit de corps.
Congress should be alarmed at fbi's threat and damage  to national security,  but the traitors in Congress are fools who say, "I don't care".
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Now This:
To all hooligans and thugs: your religions  and your cutthroat/murderous fbi & cia *et al , 24/7/365 globally (and all of my life ) :
murdered, raped, tortured,  abused, coerced, blackmailed, pillaged, persecuted and unlawfully prosecuted, sacrificed, harassed, rampaged, terrorized, swindled,  exploited,  lied , slandered,
libeled, committed genocide, mass murder, mayhem and other atrocities and crimes against humanity.Therefore, as I am  material witness to and victim of many such high crimes mentioned above, I indict you and all who support and empower you, in the name of all that is beautiful, eternal  & graceful in the universe and on behalf of all victims of your subhuman or inhuman character. Finally, your names must be published; all the world may study the hopeless depravity (that drove you mad) in order to identify your psychopathic kind and to stop your cruelty for all time.
* fbi's COMEY/MUELLER/HOOVER, USPI KNIPFING , TEXAS DPS RODRIGUEZ, UT Bleier and Wilson,  Detective Posada,  Dr. Holder, et al.


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