In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice –
Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life,
Limb, Liberty and Property

HEADLINES for IOP Report {No. 5 for July 2017}:

Massive pro-Palestinian rally
in Auckland teaches truth
to Zionist audience

Israeli Occupation
police spokesman's inability
to answer straight questions

BDS movement announces
new English/Arabic website

Jordan's king urges Israel
to put on trial
guard who killed Jordanians

Al Jazeera slams Netanyahu
bid to shut its Jerusalem office

Israeli settler terrorist
on rooftop shoots and kills
Palestinian youngster in street

Palestinian shot dead in al-Eizariya

5 things you need to know
about al-Aqsa

Video: Palestinians met
with tear gas
upon return to al-Aqsa

Amnesty International
slams Israeli police for
‘terrifying’ hospital raids

Ceasefire violation:
Israeli Army storms
Khan Yunis farmland

Israeli colonists attack
Palestinian family at home

Israeli soldiers abduct
Palestinian author aged 83



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