Trump’s ban on trans troops is a good thing


Reducing the number of people in the US military will save lives.

In March 2015, Ryan Conrad, editor of the book “Against Equality” visited Wellington. At a public meeting he spoke against the efforts of the LGBTQ community to achieve “equality” by campaigning for the rights to get married and to join the police and the military. His argument was that we should fight to abolish these oppressive institutions, not join them.

When Donald Trump announced a ban on trans people from the US military a few days ago, he was met with much opposition from all corners. LGBTQ groups, veteran associations, top military officers, all the way to republican senator John McCain – everyone is outraged.

In contrast, Trump’s travel ban for people from Muslim countries or his decision to deport tens of thousands of Mexican workers were not met with such a broad opposition. But it seems when the military is concerned then everyone is concerned. “Everybody is hurt. Everybody is scared” the Guardian quotes a young soldier.

Really everybody? There are millions of people around the world who are hurt by and scared of the US military every day of their lives, and not just worried about losing their jobs or pensions. For them the decision must come as a relief. 15,000 fewer people to be afraid of.

But don’t take my word for it. Again, the Guardian: “It stunned and angered me,” said [Sasha] Buchert, a trans woman who served as a sniper in the US Marine Corps in the 1980s. “I was ready to fight.” On Aljazeera, a soldier says “I want the right to fight for what I love.” Keeping these people from doing that must be a good thing. Trump should expand the ban on all men and women.

Matt Thorn from the group OutServe-SLDN (“the country’s largest organization serving LGBT service members, veterans and their families”) is preparing to sue the government over the ban.

He accuses Trump of being a bad military leader and fears that Trump might order “ceasefires in the midst of combat operations”. Heaven forbid someone tell the soldiers to stop killing – not that there is any danger that Trump might actually do that. Thorn also accuses Trump of “deliberately inducing chaos along the entire chain of command.”

If only that were true.


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