The hidden forces place their pawn

A set of smart modern leaders with power of attorney from hidden forces are taking the world to utter ruin. In France new president coming out of the blue is imposed as the solution, while decline, unemployment go on. Suffering, terrorism increase .

The hidden forces place their pawn

Fernando García Izquierdo

The first time I heard the name of Mr Macron (the present president of the republic) was three years ago, when the then French President, François Hollande disclosed to the public that, since the very first day of his appointment as Head of State (middle 2012), “Emmanuel Macron had been his main adviser”, the one who (as Tony Benn tells us of unnamed Crown Officials in Britain) watched from behind the scenes, so to say, and issued decisions in France in matters of State, i.e., finance and economy, workers and labour relations, employment and “fermeture des usines”, the public revenue, public services and expenses, budget deliberation, speculation and banking, and in general all about money, as well as production and industry and so forth.

I think therefore that the man introduced to us by Mr Hollande as being his main adviser, was himself a power in the State, already then. There is no spontaneous generation, nothing comes out of nothing and a vacuum does not breed out any life.

I mean that, it was to me then clear (as it is now) that this Macron was (is) the representative of SOME powers-that-be, and that (by definition) the occult powers would remain anonymous. This is clear as daylight. Social planning, official policies, decisions, production, actual works and developments, the working of power stations, say, in the land, the key of the “ultimate bomb”, the command of the Forces, public transport, coast-to-coast, the colonies. etc., all these are not anecdotic facts or events to be solved in a jiffy at ‘Paris Match’ or ‘TIME’ level. Such things or problems are not solved or tackled on the spur of the moment: one day the public learns Macron Is the man and he becomes the superminister, the next day Hollande acknowledges he is absolutely no good: on the third day the followers learn Macron is THE candidate. Next available date, the French sheep all vote to elect Jupiter (as even he calls himself) as LE PRÉSIDENT DE TOUS LES FRANÇAIS, ‘Arriba el Jefe’!!

No, no, things do not occur like that in real life, except perhaps in the Free World, where such miracles are sometimes seen. A freshly-cut personage did appear now and then, here and there, always in strategic places, and at some crucial moment of our modern history. I shall have something to say concerning one of them in Spain, hereinunder.

That is one thing. I cannot believe that the personage was his own man. The other thing which makes me think as I do, is the the fact that our personage came to light at a crucial moment when nothing worked in France: and he was acclaimed at once by the media as “l’homme providentiel”.
The citizen that introduced the personage to the public was of course the President, who was considered by all as a nonentity. Nobody believed in Hollande anymore. He beats all the records as the least wanted politician in all the history of contemporary France. Why did he come to tell us (to boot!!) that it was this Macron man who had done IT for him all along? What legitimacy did he have or believed he had in the circumstances AND could now transmit to the “personnage”?

Going out of my subject and begging the reader’s pardon for it, I shall explain that the man destined to be the President of the Republic in the following election, (the then President of the International Monetary Fund) was being led handcuffed into a jail in New York! just when he was about to fly to Paris, where things where ready for his nomination as candidate in 2012. This was a most calamitous “happening” for some in France, they then had no option but to swiftly create another candidate, and Mr. Hollande came out as the then presidential candidate.

Reverting to the questio of Macron, it appeared to me, at the time of the said announcement to the public (in 2013) that this mysterious personage (until then the Top Adviser to the Head of State) had been planted there, in that advisory post, as a chess player places a pawn on the board, the player being some obscure force.

A man of thirty-seven or thirty-eight, who had never been elected as a reprentative of the people, in any category of the government or even local administration . It is true that his studies were of the highest standing, that he appeared to be very smart and his employment “dans la vie active” had made of him an expert, a decider or sorts; he was a banker, as well as a financier, head here and there of one or other of those so called partnerships and speculative joints. And not unnaturally he was most appreciated. He was loyal to the cause of Capital… and undoubtedly very welcome in the world of State and Financial circles.

To me the question we all must ask ourselves is: well, where does he come from? If you follow the media, if you read newspapers or just listen to the radio, , you will generally be supplied with stories and actual descriptions of entirely manufactured rubbish; for instance that he is ‘CARACTERIEL’, which does not exactly mean ‘a man of character’ nor a bully-boy, but is certainly not flattering . That was what I heard on the radio today, “il est caractériel!”
When a boy, we have been told many times, he fell in love with his teacher, a married woman with children, twenty-four or twenty-five years older than himself, whom he finally married, and so on and so forth. But to me it is not this sort of commentary which should concern the public, but the wealth of the nation.

Mr Macron became that very day, the moment of his appearance before the public, a sort of mysterious guru of the nation. A Top Somebody, Superminister, almost nobody knew (I think) what he would do: he was in the cabinet, but I do not think he respected the orders of the Prime Minister.
What I know, and I think everybody does, is that during the months or years between his nomination as Superministre, and until he became president, he did all he could to destroy the labour movement and the working classes in general. He struggled with all his strength, body and soul, to place the whole workingclass movement under the boot of the ‘Patronat’ (the Confederation of Industry and Capital), and President François Hollande had nothing to say on it.

When a discredited President Hollande withdrew from the political arena, (instead of seeking re-election) and was forced to retire as the most inefficient French President ever, I remember I turned to my wife and said: “Mark my words, this man Macron will be our next President.”
How did I know? Because I have studied law and political thought, and I have lived and observed events, I have lived with wars, dictatorship, and became one day a freeworlder. Moreover, I comprehended and understand “historical materialism”. And this is a fundamental thing life has taught me. It is the work, the movement of people, the masses if you prefer, that make history, create, cause progress, SOCIAL progress.

Contrary to what they want to make us believe, there is no “providential man” either in politics or any other province or subject. Man is a social being and as such belongs to a group, the horde, a tribe, a community, the state, whatever… It is society that makes the individual, not the other way round. When division was imposed into Haves and Havenots, society became a blood issue between possessing classes and the dispossessed. I have always been priviledged to observe and analyse class-struggle, through circumstances of birth, breeding and education.

In olden times when families came together at meal times, and individuals talked, exchanged impressions during the meal, I heard my father say something at dinner-time one night many many years ago which surprised me because of the sadness that I detected in his voice. In other words what he said and the conversation that followed, caused a great impression in my mind.
“Han matado a Mola,” he said.
It was the third day of June, 1937, and why I now quote the date is I had occasion much later on to work (study) on the event, the substance of the communication, and that is why I write about it today. For the reader may be asking “What, a child of six or seven! Such recollections?”

In Australia I wrote (1959-1965) a novel about Spain, and it was writing this book (with historical books on my desk –Mitchell Library) that the memory came back. My father’s anguished message, which I did remember now meant to me a good deal. General Mola was killed, General Franco became Generalissimo, Caudillo de España por la Gracia de Dios.

There was a monster of a man whose complete name was Don Emilio Mola Vidal. He had been promenading himself in Valladolid, Burgos, Madrid as champions do. Though the democratic government was socialistic, there was an open conspiration “against the regime”, as vulgar assassins called the republic. The results of elections were not accepted by the Rich (to say it in one word) who were openly conspiring. Mola was known as “el gran conspirador”.

It came to happen that Reaction invaded Spain (Mussolini, Hitler, Churchill, Eden and others), and immediately afterwards the Spanish fascist regime was given by International law the quality of “belligerant party”. And this was “illegitimate” and fatal for the democratic Spanish Republic. In effect General Francisco Franco Bahamonde, not Mola, came up on top. Among his visitors he counted, many times, British aristocrat Anthony Eden. In a newspaper article it was reported that even the Bank of England knew about the plot.

Now, the reader should have seen the figure and representation of General Franco in 1936-1937. Not one of these modern trumps-and-macrons could compete with this general in personal appeal when he was young. Do not believe that because he was a fat-ball-of-ugliness during the latter half of his reign, he was not “guapo” then.

Allow me to boast a it about my artistic qualities. When our family was living in Zaragoza and already fascism was showing its triumphant head on the land, my dear mother asked me to draw “EL Caudillo” for one of her special purposes. I drew Franco riding his white horse on the front-line, and I assure the reader the hero was more handsome than Macron, Trudeau, Varadkar and the whole lot. My mother’s special purpose was this one. She had a very rich uncle (no direct heir) in the village, Tordehumos. To him she mailed the drawing, which was seen and admired by the entire village.

Many years later, in fact in 1977, I lived with my parents in Barcelona, for I was writing in Spanish what I had written in English in Australia. I had plenty of occasions of speaking with my dear father about the war of Spain. About that “han matado Mola”, he told me (I give a translation.) “You know, Fernando, I knew the pilot of the plane. Only the two travelled in it that day. And I got to know very well my dead friend’s parents. The aeroplane exploded in the air when the prestigious general was flying from Salamanca to the front line. Franco was undoubtedly relieved by the death of the senior general to whom he referred as ‘the stubborn fellow’.”

Dad saw I was taking notes, and he smiled sadly, poor old man. “It has always been so, Fernando, ‘hay fuerzas ocultas que determinan los sucesos’.” It was the first time, in August 1977, that anyone spoke to me of the Hidden Forces.

In Valladolid, days and months after the mentioned airplane bomb explosion, the dead pilot’s father, “with two loaded pistols before him on his table” waited for the moment when Franco visited the capital of Castile. He was a high official of the regime. Needless to say, the pistols were not used and the father never obtained his revenge. He died shortly after that.

Although it is said that we of the free world are expanding (Merkel’s Germany is becoming richer, the stock exchange and capital, Trump’s America with new jobs and getting rid of obamacare-expenses), that “these days” a remarkable push forward is being experimented, the truth is that we are going down a cliff, have been going since the fall 2008, when it appeared that capitalism, the same as communism in 1991, had reached the BOTTOM.

I remember the enthusiasm with which the peoples of the world celebrated the victory against FASCISM in the spring-summer 1945. Now we are back, living under fascism. There are so-called security laws and judicial-police all over in the West. The global economy is declining. Profiteering is taking its place. The matter of patent-ownership among pharmaceuticals, and artificial intelligence, distribution of riches among humans inimaginable, cultural progress has been transformed into the creation of prodigious ugliness and ‘anticultura’. If you talk to the political “deciders” about social progress today, they are sure to say: “Ridiculous, social what?” “Men and women, human society, the people”.

As a result of all this, the world in which we live, which is the part of the world where for historical reasons the wealth of the world has been accumulated for centuries is STILL exploiting other parts and other races, except China, and at the same time it has fallen in decay and it will become worse tomorrow. Simultaneously this is total confusion. It is painful, people nowadays seem to use INSTINCT instead of REASON.

The French went freely to the polls and freely chose Adviser-that-was Mr Emmanuel Macron as the president of their republic. You should have seen the pride and happiness with which the citizens received this “nineteenth-century” monarch the day of his election, arms spread out to make the V of VICTORY and swearing that he would fulfill his obligations.

France is on the verge of ruin. Everybody knows this. The President too, as well as those who placed him where he is. Capitalism-imperialism is destroying the country and has sunk many people in a state of utter misery. All is decaying in this country at a terrific speed, a country which was once the cradle of civilisation; then number one in art, education, science and culture. These days it is not unusual to hear on the radio when you wake up in the morning, that in such and such ‘banlieue’, the impoverished suburbs of the capital or of the big cities, there have been fights, real battles between the police and the jobless youngsters.

In other words, there is already in this country at the present time a civil war. The government does not deny the fact. Urban guerillas do exist, people die in the streets in these fights, either from the police forces, or more commonly the unemployed, hopeless young persons, who often have no other means of subsistence but revenue from drug trafficking and in general petty criminality. Others, lured by religion, have fled the country to fight uselessly in the Middle East.

In the state of havoc and confusion raining here the authorities are engaged in a (sometimes unveiled) fight. I have no time to write much more about this, but I have to write a bit about the president himself, since this is the theme of this article. The reader may have studied something (or a great deal, as the case may be) about labour, the process of production during the industrial revoluion (and thereafter) guilds, trade unions, the generous, hard, total struggle for real socialism, employment, bread, education, etc. of the working classes, for decades, centuries continually, at all costs. Well under power of attorney by the powers that control our society, this free world of ours, the president and his friends and associates are embarked upon the MISSION of destroying all that. How come? I’ll tell you how.

Dividing the human race, as we are wont to do, into two classes: those who enjoy (consume) the fruits of the earth and the Earth itself (“la Tierra misma”), on the one hand, and on the other the masses, dispossessed, who must sink on their knees and plead for a ‘chunk of bread’, you need to be cruel, Monsieur le Président. To call that REFORMING “les lois du travail”, and continue such criminal endeavours in order to maximise your PROFITS, as you are doing and those of your class, is monstruous. There is no other word for it.

‘Time’ magazine (July 24, 2017) has considered all these things in a manner of presentation so open, free-loving, attractive and altogether wrapped in charm and glory, and indecency, that I came to wonder, ‘What is happening in this world of ours?

Sick to note, in other words, that ours is a civilisation of rogues, scoundrels and highway bandits; sick to see and realise that there is no longer any understanding, in our society, any distinction about morals, between Good and Evil, happiness and pleasure. All is spectacle, display, pantomine, performing “the Angel and the Devil”. All the same value. We all will die, let us dance up to the end, ‘qui ne se fera pas attendre.”
Finance is the only thing that counts. Look at that blooming face of Trump! sick of seeing nice-looking diedhair CHAPPIES, destined by grand god to lead and starve the masses, performers! In ‘Time’ magazine they are shown to us laughing and frisking about like pets, which is what they are. They should be ashamed of showing themselves, red-faced or grinning like the red socks (of one.)

And what about these new dealers shown to us, ‘in toto’. The pomp and ceremony, my god! A great show changed into a MIRACLE? how pleased the Irish must be… from delinquency on to prosperity. Let us allow multinationals to cheat and we shall be sure to obtain our daily bread. Smiling clowns coming along: “It’s me, it’s me! I’m the Redeemer”

These are the deciders of the new era, we read. and in reality they simply are figureheads, the holders of power of attorney from the forces that own the world, “los frutos de la tierra y la tierra misma”, the destroyers of the planet.

And to think that today European countries recently ESCAPED from communism, like Poland, Hungary, Latvia, etc. are demanding the European Union to break internatonal law, rascal countries that they are. Voting in Brussels against the victims of exploitation and colonialism in general, saying that we must let these victims die in the sea; to demand that honest Italy ought to stop saving victims at sea, all those people perishing in the waters! Gosh!! Devout Roman Catholics in Poland demanding the abandonment at sea of the wounded, the dying and shipwrecked? Demanding Europe to contravene established international law!
Even the most primitive of ancestors, thousands of years ago (it is known) respected international law, Derecho de Gentes.

There is no possibility of saving a bit of our free world. All is going to the dogs, it is evident. Announcing a new era of freedom, with Macron and other young powerful leaders, who every day serve us up a new dosis of fascism.

Yes! To proclaim a perpetual state of exception is fascism, to control, as Assange and Snowden tell us, every movement of persons and ideas is fascism, to curb the judiciary is fascism, to put aside parliament, forget about the separation of powers is fascism, to make laws by presidential orders instead of parliament is fascism, to discard the workers, to ignore them even in THE PROCESS OF PRODUCTION is fascism.

A new and growing cohort of youthful world leaders who are defining themselves in opposition to an older order –says TIME- that is turning inward. That is the thing, we hear. The names of Trudeau, Varadkar, Macron, Rutte are given, respectively heads of state or government of Canada, Ireland, France and the Netherlands. More are being brought forward.

Of Ireland we are told that transnational corporations are rushing to place their “Registered Offices in the country: and they tell us that plenty of money accrues to the Irish thereby.

“Come on! Rascal thieves, come! Here is Gold!”


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