Free Assange U-Boat War Speech

At the 338th Monday Manifestation of the „End the Siege“ campaign to Free Assange from the besieged London Embassy, an illuminating contribution was held on the origins of the Iraq war. It is all about weapons of mass destruction but the other ...

At the 338th Monday Manifestation of the „End the Siege“ campaign to Free Assange from the besieged London Embassy, an illuminating contribution was held on the origins of the Iraq war. It is all about weapons of mass destruction but the other way round. I was there on route back home from Europe with my daddy Corbyn and our pet Brownie and you would like to have a copy of the text.

Saturday, Jul 22nd 2017

„The mysterious death of commercial news journalist An Radom in a hotel room bath tub in 1984 in Vienna, New Mexico to many of us might appear an issue of ethnic specialists familiar with the unique woes of the Caribbean hemisphere, and yet since August 2nd, 1990 it is not. Mrs. Radom, hunted into an undesirable form of death inspired from phoney crime fiction literature by a CIA covert stalking orgy, actually had been the first victim in a war of fascist aggression which on that day came to penetrate our hemisphere.”

„Mrs. Radom was so badly gagged by the communication siege that her only statement on the issue was the choice of town, in this case as we know a deliberate showcase which has borrowed its name from another one elsewhere in the world without the former´s consent or approval. Mrs. Radom, a celebrity galore puppet, had ended up in the political manipulations surrounding the origins of the u-boat war like a blind chicken may erratically come across the grain, or the rat poison among it. We are so lucky that her daughter who found her at the time had no camera to take a photograph of the bathroom.”

„As everyone in this street knows, the second Iraq war, though started in a public relations frenzy ignited by the oil market, retroactively was also turned into a weapons of mass destruction issue. This was so when the Washington regime dumped u-boats to aggressive vassal states in the region as to publicly compensate for its own alleged laxness on the alleged issue of the alleged weapons of mass destruction. It was only the open distortion of an already committed covert interference crime though, as before the first Iraq war both the u-boats and the weapons of mass destruction were inserted there through a proxy as to cover tracks.”

„In the eyes of the perpetrators, that required the removal of an Iraqi collaborator turned opponent who would otherwise remain aware of what was being done and employ national government means under his control to oppose it and wake up others across the globe. The Washington regime together with its collaborators in Pretoria was undermining its Non Proliferation Treaty from the inside, and the collateral damage in public relations had just gone beyond unacceptable, as embodied in the An Radom case though not in the close reactions from the time.”

„In the 1980s, the Washington regime conspired to have u-boats with nuclear warheads manufactured in South Africa to proliferate them to aggressive neighbours of Iraq to get rid of a serious opponent. In the Iraq-Iran neighbourhood conflict a generation ago, Washington had been attempting to put itself behind both sides, and now it was committing more of the same in a blatant attempt to compensate for the effects of it. For that purpose, a state governor was groomed out of the dock owner´s right hand notary as to produce an administrative cover for selling the construction plans to an apartheid-based start-up.”

„The CIA put its resources behind the Pretorian candidate, and when that resulted in a bad press resonance, behind the market-leading local weekly, a Newsweek clone under the name The Asparagus, which assigned Radom on the issue because governor Rudel was much more well known as an associate of shampoo factory owner Adolph Weishaupt.”

„The u-boats are in the last place you look seems to have been her last thought on Earth. Within three days after a television shouting match in which various news journalists had been colliding with their interpretations of ongoing scandal investigations, Radom was found dead. The public opinion had swung and so did the CIA bet, which had put its resources behind Rudel and then behind Radom, and after both grades of scandal micro-management did not work, behind Rudel´s opponent Wahnfried Siemund, which did not work either because the latter had gone on the Appalachian trail once he heard the thunder rolling and expected the lightning.”

„In the utter failure of its deadly stay behind tactic, which as we should emphasise here was only employed in the case in the first place to clumsily compensate for the undesirable side-effects of earlier employment of just that amoral conflict attendance tactic, the CIA then tried to turn back at governor Rudel again, with the bizarre result of throwing the entire journalist guild of the state of New Dakotia with its docks-and-chems-dependent oligarchy into political turmoil, making mad Radom to the degree of crime fiction emulation, and angering New Dakotia´s population to a stoning grade.”

„Stay behind kills. Stay behind kills. The plausibly deniable suicide of An Radom is a show piece that, how and why stay behind kills. It kills by forcefully putting together harmless things in harmful ways, such as bathwater and medication, gubernatorial issues and global trade, u-boats and nuclear warheads, or lobbyists and bastards, whereas the last ones are their terms not ours, just to make that clear.”

„For a stay behind victim, which is being pimped, spoon-fed and abused against its own awareness until being dropped for another favourite of the same, it is more dangerous than bodily obesity through unhealthy food intake, all the more so if the person is unaware of the fact that it does not merely live of food in a material sense. These victims get hooked on weird coincidences, and once these cease to get arranged, they may be falling in despair looking for surrogates. The only true protection possible is to see through it from early on and not get deceived by one´s own sense of proportionality respectively lack thereof. Yes there are blatantly despicable tactics killing at very steep disproportionality of means and aims. That´s why we favour Abolition, total Abolition and nothing but Abolition.”

„According to the Kirchhof Report, Radom chose the location because she had been lured by Damian and Gordon Bandar, the notorious sons of the long time Arab ambassador to Washington, who were familiar with all the lobbyists for all their lives, and alleged they were handling the freakish son of a National Security Council member who was involved in the u-boat scam, and would meet her for a briefing at a hotel of her choice, under the only condition that it would not have microphones in the walls but only on the tripod upon properly negotiated approval.”

„Forest officer Egon Kirchhof, a specialist on inexplicable suicides, who had earlier investigated the deaths of commercial news journalists Hunter Webb and Gary Thompson in their respective homes, concluded that despite the offer very likely was an empty bag, it might have been attractive enough to an exhausted Radom for her to swallow it upon an unreflected impulse. The ambassador at the time, on the background of other Unitedstates political scandals, was regularly involved with commenting on National Security Council rumours, and his sons following up in his backwater was widely considered an entirely plausible scenario.”

„On its agenda, the council was weighing the decision that if they had u-boats with nuclear warheads and vassal stooges in them in the region they could sell the Arab monarchy war planes kept in check by an u-boat missile locked on their transponders, and in the exact spirit of the stay behind tactic run the entire follow-up assortment of the arms race ruled by the seaborne weapons of mass destruction. Opposition forces in Arabia were advocating a stringent peace policy instead, but it is not known whether the Bandar sons known from the commercial news media for their luxurious car sprints and lavish party club appearances were actually among them. Everything Kirchhof writes could be lobbyist galore one way or another, all that is certain is that the three journalists are dead.”

„The u-boat issue sometimes tends to get lost among Radom´s sort of children´s crusade against what she perceived as a tabloid mafia. And indeed Rudel in his spoiled imagination had hired a tabloid thug for his counter-espionage efforts, which led to such absurd scenarios as when he disclosed to his special adviser that he feared Nixon-style eavesdropping and received the advice to ask his subordinate authorities for an eavesdropping device to be placed as a lure for a technical security check to be blamed on his opponent, as to provoke a front page disclosure of CIA efforts.”

„With her investigations, Radom botched that bizarre plot, and it was probably the realisation that she had benefited the CIA more than herself, her employer or the public, which killed her will to live. Two men stubborn as bucks, one absent and the other one tied up by the press with his own phoney boomerang of a scandal story, and a girl that picks up everything in her way like a butterfly mine – she must have thought she had won a lottery, only to realise that she was being abused as a tool of war in the two men´s place.”

„After her death the spin put upon it was local oligarchy corruption, and when you look it up you have to dig out the root cause by yourself. But here is the lobbyist notary wining and dining with all the local industrialists and keen of taking and giving favours here or there. There is the core voter base sedated by war industry jobs which economically are in fact blood toll revenues, not any form of production or investment or result thereof. And there you have lobbyist central shifting its bets from one lobbyist to another like dirt money in a horse race.”

„With the result of the situation turning ever more complicated, because the stay behind tactic poisons everything, even more so when it is still being employed against the unintended consequences of its own unintended consequences and so forth. And in the scandal around the news coverage of the New Dakotia gubernatorial election, we see how the circle closes, because the u-boats are the most concrete materialisation of the stay behind tactic. This instance of it is as bad as the Cuba missile crisis the other way round, since it is a situation of the Western hemisphere fraudulently inserting its ones into the Eastern one, whereas the term hemisphere is being used with no distinction between political and geographical hemispheres.”

„It is a proven fact of history today that the Iraq war was not caused by refugees in Kuwait or refugees from Ukraine or the like, but by the u-boat fleet. The intent to insert a factor into strategical equations which would allow the shifting of all possible balances achieved from any other factors alone, plus the behavioural pattern according to which it would play out is materialised by a chain of command for that fleet. In short, weapons of mass destruction increase the risk of war, proliferate the subordinate assortment thereof to increase the variety of these risks as well, and when all that does not help peace, by their presence in the minds alone cause war.”

„The command system that would deliver even only a short text to a submarine underneath the ocean on the other side of the planet, let off be able to catch up a response, is so bulky that technicalities leave no room for doubt. If effort is being taken to enable oneself to shift the u-boat weapon, that is the state suicide option, from one asset to another at whim, apocalyptic power becomes a gamble. Technically spoken, looking at the military scenario in place, there is one configuration in which apocalyptic power is a gamble and another one in which it is not, and they are clearly distinct from each other.”

„Today it is self-evident that the Iraq war was about weapons of mass destruction, and about the evil tactic enabled by the deployment of this hardware. You may like to think about the stay behind approach as something like malware befalling a computer. It may even pretend a surrogate functionality, but its purpose is not what it appears to be. Its purpose is fraud, hypocrisy, violence and exploitation. The analogy may be correct at least in so far that there is realistic chance to identify patterns and heuristics necessary to eliminate it by routine, and that understanding the problem is the biggest part of having it solved.”

„Radom died before she got to the heart of the matter and would understand that with the proliferation of the u-boats and the missiles and the warheads, the proliferation of the aircraft carriers and the bombing planes and the land mines and stray rifles and barn clubs and field stones is only a matter of time and restraint, or lack thereof. The u-boat in terms of economy and moral estimation of economy is the dam-breaking original sin which opens the door to all the lesser evils, and the stay behind tactic is the operational profile that links them all to an economically toxic menace of planetary suicide.”

„I have to stress an open back door in the approach – namely, if stay behind tactic is being pursued by someone with a suicidal tendency, that is a significantly stronger such one as the target thereof may be harbouring, it literally becomes a suicidal tactic. That is so because it contains a strong incentive to distort the truth into its opposite by using the pretext the harassment was meant to deter the target from suicide although it is vice versa.”

„Noam Chomsky, the notorious Luddite among Unitedstates Supreme court judges, said that in the collective grasp for a bureaucratic pretext of war crime authoritarian peer groups lose all sense of values they ever might have proclaimed in any direction. Suicidal peer groups tend to kill targets by means of manipulation alone, he stressed, in a tendency to externalise and eternalise their permanent background of internal and infernal losses. It already can be found in some small tribes, but in huge mass societies dominated by commerce it takes grotesque forms of metastasis.”

„The worst ingredient of it is its collective illusion it was somehow above reality for some reasons. The tactic bears a weird priority to remain unaccounted for that outmatches all its other ingredients in terms of making a difference in its output results. It may even be that the result of the stay behind attack in all other aspects would resemble a true asset, but even then the unaccountability makes it appear in the form of worthless crap as to provide an explanation why it would be left behind without a plausible interest.”

„If the tactic ever produces anything that could be a argued as useful, then only so as long as it is being overlooked that even a tiny fraction of the same effort invested into more honest behaviours would bring about way more desirable results, either directly or in the form that problems, malices and difficulties would be recognisable much better and risks could therefore be contained which in the result of this form of usury cannot.”

„And when the usury switches sides, which may make these on these sides of these issues realise what it is in fact about, the contradictions show up so blatantly that they might blow a fuse here or there. Self-evidently the stay behind fraud is not above the laws of Nature. Any side in any situation whether aware or unaware thereof has to behave and decide differently when the stay behind threat is there than when it is not. Just like a bus or truck driver will work differently dependent on how much passenger and cargo load he has got, and that may or may not include a different way, but first of all does mean a completely different grasp on the prevention of accidents.”

„The law of inertia is one of the fundamental qualities of space and time, and the fraudulent tactic does not even make it above this one. I have consistently argued that stay behind is insane because it leaves some of the targets in confusion unaware of the true causes or unprepared to prove them, which then by doctors incompetent with regard to the same is judged as insane. Hence, stay behind by proof of double-blind experiment is insane in every instance thereof, and the second grade for the purpose of compensating itself all the more so.”

„I elaborate this in detail not only to lay utterly deserved blame upon the corpse economy but first and foremost because it is the original blueprint for the lie that overshadowed the Iraq war. It was not Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, although there had been clumsy attempts to obtain capabilities of mutually assured destruction, it was the submarine capacity inserted there that spoiled the equations and propagated complications over complications over complications. The Americans were blaming their own suicidal tendency of stockpiling weapons of mass destruction upon others.”

„Alice stole the cake is not a lie in terms that there would never have been any cake or that it got burned in the oven or that it would still be on the table, but that Bob did it. That is the two Iraq wars in a nutshell. As the sheikhs use to say, you know for certain that the horse race is going to end in a stampede when you find the food monopolist betting on all the runners. What remains for the world to do about it is to make sure that future generations will understand the fraudulent intent of the stay behind tactic already from a distance.”

„We must hence turn the American case into a precedent that preempts repetition. The first thing in doing so is our own insight that the misbehaviour of the Americans is neither thoughtful or original, nor subtle nor smart, but a mere plagiarism from history ten times older than theirs. Once it is no longer being misperceived through lenses of deception, the tactic appears as what it is, a barbarian relic grafted upon current technological monopoly, as all barbarian empires did in their times. Stay behind is the preparation of backstabbing by other means.”

„And when someone gets rude enough to make it entirely unattractive to stay behind in expectation of the one-time opportunity for it, as Saddam Hussein did in Iraq, it also is the predecessor of frontal aggression as illegitimate as itself; and once that fails also for repetition thereof under the most blatant causal distortion. When an evildoer attempts to put itself on any winning side, no present side does ever bring about a good victory. It can only be achieved by a side that is absent and cannot be targeted that way.”

„The temptation of moral equivalence lies not so much between various stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction here or there, but inside a self-fraudulent tactic under their umbrella brought about by an exceptional illusion of supremacism whose presence alone should be sufficient justification to permanently eject a nation from any form of the very nuclear privilege it currently is abusing so unrelentingly. Thank you for listening.”


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