fbi Crime Spree Is Supported By All High Officials


Unintentionally, I opened almost a half century ago a veritable Pandora's Box of fbi atrocities when I began to study pervasive corruption, fraud and criminality of fbi.

fbi Crime Spree Is Supported By All High Officials

This paper presents evidence of high crimes committed by the fbi whose crimes are authorized by federal magistrate judges (i.e.:fmj, and other federal juges across the country). The importance of this study, aside from actually showing how the fbi ‘sets innocent people up’ for imprisonment or death is 1) to suggest the emerging macabre nature of society at large in wrongly accepting fbi’s sterling public image 2) to intimate that a global police state is underway wherein the enforcers are trained by the fbi and the cia.

For the past almost half century the fbi has tried to silence me from reporting their crimes. Many assaults on me have been apparent attempts to torture and kill me. A few such assaults are nearly impossible to prove, but include fbi’s torture and attempted murder of my person while I was unconscious in the hospital in El Paso, Texas, recovering from a service connected injury.

Other episodes of clandestine assaults by the fbi to cause serious bodily injuries include a) the planting of dangerous chemicals in my food wherever I eat, resulting in hospital treatment for injuries b) the pumping of toxic chemicals into my residences everywhere I live c) the assaults of my person by directed energy weaponry (DEW) which continues now for about fifteen years , 24/7/365, apparently for life.

*Note that other assaults on me and my property include regular destruction of my personal property such as my car, my clothes, small appliances, etc. The constant physical and electronic surveillance by the fbi occurs everywhere I go globally. Such surveillance is authorized by fmj and is accompanied by clever, but crude, psychological assaults by fbi operatives and by members of the community at large. For the names and a few photos of these people see My Story In Detail and my other reports online.

I have also documented online public statements by anonymous fbi operatives who, while torturing and harassing me around the clock, suggest that I am a public threat. In this regard the fbi operative falsely announces online that, as I served the USA in combat, I am therefore a “murderer”; he further states that maybe I am a potential mass murderer.

While this may all seem normal for police and fbi to engage in provocations against their subjects/Targets, I suggest that in all such instances of fbi/police brutality and abuse, the law enforcement community actually causes great harm and deaths of innocent persons. For example, see the reports on how the fbi drove two men crazy by assaults by DEW. Aaron Alexis (2013) and Myron May (2014) were tortured by fbi via DEW and their stories are reported online. Around the same time that these horrible, fbi orchestrated events took place, the fbi was busy attacking me with DEW and also announcing that I am a threat to the public.


fbi's Monique Abu-Jamal 25.Feb.2014

fbi's paint me doubtful 26.Feb.2013

Further see my reports on other fbi subversion of law and society:


One might ask what he would do when the most powerful and murderous group of thugs in government
(i.e., the fbi) hijacks or takes over his life in a manner that I describe.


*I have also documented other efforts by the fbi to falsely charge me with other crimes:


See my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014.
My other reports on fbi hacking into social media and making fraudulent entries in efforts to portray me as a public threat:


Thus, the general population, the Congress and the judiciary are all complicit in the fbi's unprecedented crime spree. We have in the USA an unte****nable mess that can't be fixed because the authorities in the highest offices benefit from their own crimes and those committed by the fbi in the name of the United States of America (USA). The fbi considers itself as the heart of and semantically equivalent to the USA.

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After I posted the above report/paper, the fbi took revenge by applying extreme assaults on me by directed energy weaponry (DEW, and extremely low frequency sound waves), causing a temporary incapacity associated with extended sleep deprivation. The fbi seeks to silence the intellectuals of our time and thereby allow the propaganda machine to seize control of a primary source of public information. I submit that this report must not be hidden, even at risk of offending the very assassins of fbi who threaten academic freedom and freedom of speech and thought.

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