Trump is scamming us on energy technology

Letter to editor of DomPost and Sunday Star Times. Trump is scamming us about energy technology. Fundamental change in attitude toward the consumer society.

The Editor
The Sunday Star Times
7 June, 2017

Dear Editor:

Picking up on a comment here and there from Donald Trump, and reading between the lines of some others, it is possible to see the scammer at work here.

I read: America will produce the best new technologies of renewable energy in the coming years. Then America will sell them to all the chumps around the world who have been taken in by the politically correct climate scientists (politically correct Chinese climate scientists?) pushing the dangers of climate change, while America revs up its economy with fossil fuels like coal.

Caveat Emptor! It will take more than technology to avoid the dangerous effects of warming. The first thing to say about the Paris Climate Agreement is that it is weak, not least because there is no commitment to particular actions leading to the scaling back of the consumer society. The greater need is for fundamental change in human attitudes about our place amongst the life of the planet.
Richard Keller
13 Endeavour St.
Wellington 6022

published in DomPost Wed, 7 June (sent to both)


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