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Our society is in a macabre trance enforced by fbi and company.

Our Society In A Trance

In my 72 years I see a steady disintegration of respect for life and concern for others. Even the average citizen is desensitized to human suffering as he/she often joins fbi et al in terrorizing fellow citizens. See My Story In Detail in multiple parts

( http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/mystory.html )

and note my additional documentations of assaults by neighbors all around me by citizens turned mad by fbi propaganda when I lived at 2923 Madrid, Brownsville, Texas 78526. I filed police reports, but to no avail. Every single resident around me, across the street, next door, behind me, even several blocks away assisted fbi assassins in assaulting me and my wife night and day from 2013 through 2015. Vandalism and other dirty tricks were executed by ordinary people who were fed extremely prejudicial and false data by fbi thugs.

The USPI KNIFING and Texas DPS *RODRIGUEZ also went crazy by fraudulently threatening me and my wife in our residence & in my face . Police officials at UT and Brownsville, Texas turned into terrorists at the direction of fbi hoodlums. My reports of these crimes are fully documented online. Congress and all courts scoffed at my reports. *Rodriguez mocked my fully documented reports of crimes against me.

All of my reports support the conclusion that the fbi corrupts our society, engages in vindictive attacks 24/7/365 against selected political & ideological Targets, and uses DEW attacks to further disturb and provoke their Targets.

I finally realize that, as the general population is fed tv and movie dramas which depict living dead creatures (LD), the people are programmed to kill each other en queue from fbi. The LD are horrendously killed again and again by presumably normal people, as though public policy authorizes ghoulish, bloody attacks when a person is identified by authorities as a walking dead. This kind of sick drama may contribute to the criminalization of America.

Yet, the true enemy of the people are not those targeted by fbi/cia for torture and death. NO. The real human monsters among us are fbi,cia,police such as UT Bleier & Wilson, Detective Posada, Knipfing and Rodriguez and their kind everywhere.


Until we stop the murderers who work for fbi and police, this nation is facing a true purging of communities by members of the police state and the ruling class.

Failure to ask the most compelling questions of our time is evidence of the stupefied and hypnotic trance that grips this twisted culture.
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Fbi and company messge to Targets:


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